Who Else Would a Christian Group Get to Illustrate a Comic About the Anti-Christ


You can kill me now. Why didn’t I see this earlier? Of course the anti-Christ will be drawn by Rob Leifeld.

Absolutely perfect.

“We’ve incorporated bold, engaging graphics and a compelling story to entertain and inform readers of the coming days as described in the Scriptures,” said Liefeld, who is well-known for his work with Marvel Comics and Image Comics, Inc., where he debuted the popular Youngblood franchise. “The book merges Scripture, a team of heroes and current events to provide audiences with a heightened sense of awareness regarding the end times.”

At first I was going to quote this and make a joke about my heightened sense of awareness regarding the end times, but there’s too much to choose from in this single block! I mean, “debuted the popular Youngblood franchise?”

I don’t remember anything in the book of Revelation implying the Anti-Christ would have tiny deer feet and a habit of standing behind small hills.

The twist may be that the anti-Christ is a woman who constantly poses on her tippy-toes like a ballerina.

I think it does say somewhere in there that he will have a belt with many small pouches on it.

You’re all way off base. You’ll know he’s the antichrist by his grotesquely over muscled chest and tiny, stumpy little arms.

And gigantic guns that couldn’t possibly be lifted, let alone fired.

And like a billion teeth.

Jesus kicks the Greco-Roman gods’ asses!

Liefeld didn’t draw it.

If Liefeld had drawn it, the lightning would have gone “KRAKA-CA-WOW-WOW-DOOOOOM”

…and Jesus would have muscles on his muscles.

And we wouldn’t see any feet.

Leifeld had to relinquish handling the art because he couldn’t draw feet larger than crucifixion nails and he could find no paintings where Jesus had pouches. The man’s got his limits, people!


I love the part in the flash montage where the evil enemies are shown and the Hollywood sign pops up. Talk about muscles on muscles…the great white hero Corbin has four pecs, I wonder how many nipples he has.


I also love how the main page (after the intro) has the hero standing there with a rifle in one hand that apparently Liefeld tried to make more realistic. Except it’s still classic Liefeld because a) who holds a gun like that? and b) THE BARREL IS STILL NOT STRAIGHT.

Bonus points for blatantly taking a Defcon screenshot and using it as the picture for the “ACTIVATE EVENTS” button. I’m pretty sure I can make out someone’s carrier fleet in the Indian Ocean there. Looks like they just said “Fuck it!” and used the Defcon world map for the main background too.

Hey, it’s hard to find an industry professional willing to draw for $20 a page. Rob was the only choice out there!

God obviously loves stripper boots. I need to check this religion thing out.

Look at the last page preview and tell me where the hand on the right of Death’s staff is coming from. My guess is his spine.

Also hilarious: the second to last page preview, in which one of death’s arms is incredibly tiny and missing a thumb, and his scythe is just sort of floating between his outstretched hands.

Actually, looking through these, there’s at least one ridiculously bad thing on almost all of them. Also, “last” and “second to last” are just for the first menu worth; if you click the arrow on the right, there are even more! It’s like Christmas!