Who Else Would a Christian Group Get to Illustrate a Comic About the Anti-Christ

The blond girl has the worst combat sense ever. In page 4, she’s either tumbling into a wall or… presenting. Then on page 6 she’s taking cover behind two shin-high rocks. Silly girl! Only your feet are protected there… oh…

My favorite is the one where god’s giant hand comes out of the sky holding a giant meathook, and then snags Lenin with it right through the cheekbone, because the hook is now normal size. Lenin is vaguely happy about this, though he might be crying blood out of his eye on the other side where the hook went. Bloodtears of joy, we’ll say. Then two soldiers of the Red Army are standing there, expressionless, while three jets with their left wings way further back on the fuselage than the right fly overhead.

Note 1: Nothing in the above description is in any way an exaggeration.
Note 2: Note 1 is not sarcastic.

God putting a hook through someones face is pretty fucking awesome I must say.

It would have been better if the hook stayed the same size.

I think my overall favorite might be the one where he cuts the guy’s hand off. With, um, the side of a knife, I guess, which he is holding an a way that could not have possibly be the result of him cutting off the guy’s hand. Also the blade of the knife is actually backwards. And the guy’s handless arm is eight or nine feet up in the air. And the hero’s torso is almost completely horizontal. And his leg does this thing where it goes down for a little bit, then shoots off to the side, and also his leg is about two and a half feet wide. And he’s levitating or standing on somebody’s shoulders or wearing stilts or something.

And I think the bald guy might be kissing his giant knee.

Wait… this isn’t a random high school kid’s notebook scribblings? Someone got paid for that?! Is it April?


You got that right.

Hey, remember what Mary Magdalene was before she found Jesus?

This was a good comic about the Anti-Christ.

I had thought the answer to the OP was obvious*.

Which led me to this. Which is the most awesome ever.

*until I saw who would actually be doing the “art”, which was more obvious I suppose.