Who here can get production music?

I’m trying to get my hands on a CD of production music called Acid Lounge (XCD070), put out by a company called Extreme Music. I want it for my own listening pleasure and have no plans to use it for any other purpose, but that music appears to be available only to people in certain industries (probably TV/movie/ad industry).

I am perfectly willing to pay for the music - I have no interest in obtaining it via torrent.

Is anyone here in a positition/willing to see if you can get it without going to a lot of trouble?

I hope I haven’t asked a Forbidden Question. Like I said, I want to pay for it, and I won’t use it for any purpose that’s against the licensing.


Jerri, go to extrememusic.com, create a login, and then download the music. Who’s to say you aren’t a budding youtube movie clip director? My login is pending right now.


Well, I thought about that, but they’re going to have “account reps” contact me to complete the signup process. They seem to be pretty strict about who they’ll deal with.

I’m just saying, you should think about what kind of intro music you want for a weekly podcast about computer games.

I think something in the “acid lounge” category. :)

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