Who is your celebrity face match?

This is a neat face recognition program. Upload a pic of yourself and see which celebrities you most favor.


Mine? First was actually Julia Roberts!! Heh! But the first male on my list was Denzel. Also in the top 5 or 6? Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Where are my women?

I do not need it. Seriously, honest to flippin’ God, I look almost exactly like comedian Dane Cook.

Oh good lord. In order my pic is matched as:

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Bruce Willis
  3. Dustin Hoffman
  4. Sylvester Stallone

Time to start laying off the weights.

I uploaded a pic of Bettlejuice from the Howard Stern show but I think it crashed the server or something.

I uploaded Goatse but it didn’t return anything, and that’s a shame because it could have been quite amusing.

More amusing though, is that my first four matches were all women. Natalie Portman being the closest at 52%.

This software is just stupid!

Or maybe you’re just hot, BooTx? Ever think of that?

Maybe, except on one of them, my closest male match was Bud Abbott.

… thats Costello.

It just does face matching, Boo. If your face patterns happen to match more women than men…

Of course, blaming the software is easier ;)

On a serious note, you can tell it to only match one gender. However, keep in mind that we use a LOT more than simple topographical features of the face to decide whether a person is male or female.

You look a lot more like Dickie Barrett of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Haven’t we been over this?

Some of the matches for this guy was Rudy Guilliani, Courtney Love, Ted Kaczynski, and Paul Allen. Hahahaha

I don’t need it. I look an awful lot like Edward Norton.

David Carradine. Only a 44% match though.

Next up:
Doris Lessing and Bing Crosby at 44% as well.

Then comes:
Francis Galton 43%
Paul Dirac 41% and
Henry Fonda at 37%.

I ran another pic with less of my Scottish neck showing, and i got:

Yoko Ono 63%
Alan Turing 58%
Niki Lauda 58%

If anyone could guess how I look from my results…I’ll give em a cookie and a bj.

1)Bashar Al-Assad (OUCH!)
2)Kim Basinger(WTF!?)
3)Zhang Ziyi (I’m beautiful!)
4)Quincy Jones (Hmmm)
5)Ernst Lubitsch (Who?)
6)Ian Thorpe (Oooh…)
7)Elvis Presley (Elvis? ELVIS!?)
8)John Irving (Whoa…)
9)Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Holy shit)
10)John Cusack (Hey, I think I watched a simpsons episode with him on it…)

I think my face broke it – I’m waiting for it to get past “uploading photo, please wait…”

Yeah I had the same problem at work. I tried it in IE and firefox and it did the same thing /shrug

I look like Bob Saget.

You do not. You look like Jimmy Smits to me (in that whatever pic thread awhile back).


Orson Welles! Awesome!

That said, this program thinks that Hiromix looks like Margaret Atwood, so meh.