Who is your current favorite Democratic primary candidate?

Way too early, but why not. Most people probably haven’t decided yet, so if that’s you, just pick the one you are leaning towards.

Al Gore.

Teve Torbes.

Gah, stupid forum software posted the first bit before the poll :(

I guess I should have added “someone else/write in” to the list.

Obama hits the sweet spot combo of a platform I like and “electability” though Edwards is real close.

Where’s the “whoever’s still doing his or her goddamn job now, rather than campaigning for an election which is still 19 months away” option?

unbongwah makes a compelling argument.

I heard an interesting story on NPR the other day when I was driving home. Basically it said that they ran a poll with a given candidate list, however they included people who were not even running for president.

Al Gore came out on top. I find this quite amusing.

Obama is the first politician in years (besides maybe McCain) that has made me believe in politics again.

If he doesn’t win I quit. I’m permanently apathetic to the political system.

Bill Richardson would make the best President, but Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the best candidate.

Write-in vote: Stephen Colbert.

Gore looks like a frickin’ prophet now, I think that’s why. Plus he’s doing the can-say-what-I-want thing.

I’m torn between Obama and Edwards, and would have to add Gore to that if he ran. Obama is too much of a cipher at this point to get totally on board.

go Obama go!

Just curious…can we hear the Hillary case from a Hillary supporter?

I am not a registered Dem, but in the non-primary election I’d vote Obama.

Obama/Edwards would be a winning ticket if the election were today. Those godawful jacktards at the DNC will probably push something goofy like Clinton/Sharpton though. Yay for institutionalized know-nothings.

Obama Edwards, in any combination.

Seems I’m not a unique snowflake. Damn, look at this poll. About as far from scientific as you can get without involving the Baby Jesus but I’d have thought it would be somewhat closer than this. We’ve got us a blowout!

I wonder what this poll would have looked like well before the 2004 election, would there have been a similar huge advantage for Dean?

Nope. Dean was not inspiring.

Obama . . . he’s the guy I want on the television addressing the nation. Can you imagine! I bet he takes question and answer session without the questions and answers being prescreened and everything!

Man, I hope he gets elected. I can’t wait for his speeches and his State of The Unions.

How come Obama’s name is Italized - is it because he’s black?