Who made TetraNET?

I need to have words with the person who wrote the protocol.

Friendly ones, actually; I have questions about, among other things, when TetraNET chooses whether to send a field delta or the full field, and other issues related to the protocol.

(Also, security by obfuscation makes me sad.)

I dunno, man. I usually just give them a pinch of food every morning.

Oh well, figured there was a chance someone in Das Hivemind would know. :)

Check out the forms at HardDrop.com (formerly know as tetris concept)


Several developers form the independent tetris dev community hang out there.

Dunno about tetranet, but the guy who wrote Blockbox posts there regularly.

By Blockbox do you mean Blocktrix, the Windows version of TetraNET?

Speaking of which, we should have Blocktrix parties. It’s a very fun game. :)

no, I mean bloxbox. Its a single and multiplayer online version of all the TGM games. Coded in java.