Who needs a dividend tax cut when you've got

…this. Boy, and it’s not bad enough that we face life and limb out there as we maneuver our sedans and compact cards amongst these monsters. Now they’re getting big tax breaks for it!

C’mon, get off their backs! The rich aren’t rich enough yet!

I can’t wait until they get tax free dividends and use that untaxed money to buy their SUVs and immediately get a whopping tax break. It’s just a beautiful thing.

Is not money the root of all evil? I admire the bravery of those few martyrs who hoard this most evil commodity, taking that great burden upon themselves in order to protect the rest of us. If it were not for these corageous sacrificial lambs, the rest of us would surely be lost.

Good thing bush cut the heating bailout fund for the poor, otherwise how could we keep these rich people going? Remember, it is good for the rich to not pay taxes, because they pee money.

I like how his Daddy didn’t believe in trickle down for corporations, but the son is willing to apply it to individuals. I think even Reagan is rolling over in his grave.


Obviously this part of the tax code needs to be changed, but since it’s just a mistake, I don’t see what the big deal is. People are acting like Bush decided to pass a tax cut for people who own SUVs. No, there’s an EXTRA tax on people who own luxury cars, that has an exemption that was intended for farmers and independent truckers, that unintentionally included people who own the most massive of SUVs. I’m glad it’s getting attention and I hope (and assume) Congress will close the loophole, but let’s not fly off the handle about how this is Bush favoring the rich again. It’s just an oversight.

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No. The biblical quote is “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

Money itself is okay, and even necessary for civilization. But greed is bad.