Who needs the Hoff?

Electronic Lifeguard raises alarm at a swimming pool:

Once she had lain motionless on the pool floor for three seconds, the computer sounded an alarm which also pinpointed which part of the pool the girl was in to the five lifeguards on duty.

I read about this yesterday, watched the video, and was amazed.

As a former lifeguard at a tough public pool (Olympic sized 50m with an additional “diving pit” area which included a 3 meter board) that got REALLY cloudy on busy days due to the sunscreen and other “substances” going into the water this system is freakin’ amazing.

You can’t understand the difficulty of the job until you have 700 people crammed in (that was legal pool capacity, and we came close on hot long weekends and when a few of the local day camps came by) combined with the aforementioned cloudy water and the usual bunch of idiot parents that dump their children off thinking the pool is a day care centre.

In my five years of lifeguarding, I had to do two rescues, and the truly scary one was eerily similar to the video show here. Basically a solo kid just slips below the surface and never makes a sound, splash or movement that could draw a lifeguard’s attention.

In any case, this thing is obviously worth every penny because it detected the kid in seconds! I believe a human life is EASILY worth 65,000 British pounds; I wish every busy public pool would install one of these suckers. I know I’d feel a lot better about my (theoretical) children swimming at a public pool if I knew one of these was on the job (along with competent and alert lifeguards).