Who owns the Wizardry 8 engine?

… because I might buy it, make a whole new adventure and get it out before Grimoire! Actually, I reinstalled Wiz 8 yesterday and have already put 9 hours back into it. Great fun! I really feel that it would make a great engine for any kind ot retro-dungeon crawl. Is Sir-Tech dead? Will there be a Wizardry 9 with modding? Anybody got any info/comments on this?

Sir-Tech still exists: http://www.sir-tech.com/

Believe the official company line after Wizardry 8 was “we are no longer developing any games.” Don’t take my word for it. Try the “corporate” link.

Last I heard, Sir-Tech was an I.S.P. of some kind. Not sure if it was actually Mr. & Mrs. Currie doing that line of work, but it was some kind of non-game office-type work.

Who howns de Chiefs?



You might want to drop a line to Brenda Brathwaite over at Cyberlore (www.cyberlore.com). She’s busy putting the finishing touches on Playboy: The Mansion at the moment, but she’s had a hand in every Wizardry ever made.

Thanks guys.

Didn’t someone develop a patch to speed Wizardry up? I didn’t play the game past the first big town you go to because it was just tedious. But I have always loved the character development in that game. I may give it another whirl myself.

Go here: http://wiz8.web1000.com/ for the Combat Monster Movement Accelerator. The game runs really well on modern hardware and still looks pretty good. That’s why I hope it isn’t the end of the line.

One reason this game sucks:

  1. If you level your characters up straight-away everything in the game will get more powerful than you eventually (yes, even in the newbie areas).

  2. If you mismanage your character’s spell slots by wasting them on low level spells instead of heading straight for the powerful ones you will gimp your spellcasters eventually. Wasting your slots on things that you can get books for is also a stupid idea, but you have no way in game of knowing how to make your characters become smart/powerful enough to learn certain spells their class can use.

  3. To do #2 you have to delay your leveling ups so you know what level and requisite stats will let you get access to the new spell levels.

So, basically if you play the way I do and love to level up when you hear the ding equivalent (character portrait saying they got more powerful, etc) then you will eventually make the game so difficult to play that it becomes hard to want to play it to the end.

Oh, yeah. Reason #2- combat gets really, really tedious eventually when you are swarmed by a billion enemies. I guess I should have downloaded that speed-up thingy.

Other than that Wiz 8 is an interesting game with some funny moments. I just wish that the class and leveling up mechanics were a little more thought out and that the monster levels were statically set by area (perhaps in a range of levels of difficulty capping out at a certain amount).

One reason your post sucks:




Kunikos, it sounds like your lack of enjoyment with the game was due to impatience and party mismanagement than it being the fault of the game. At least that’s what I like to believe because I love Wiz8. So there. :P

I oughta try and get Brad W. to look into this!