Who rules? Me. I rule

Share your tales of glory and victory against all odds!

In Halo 2 just now, assault on Zanzibar. For some reason in the first round, half of my team quit, so it was four on eight. We put up a decent defense, but were ultimately overwhelmed. The next round, the four of us on offense, was brutal and ugly. By the end of the round were were just getting mowed down as we spawned, not even able to pick up the bomb. Round three was mercifully short because we simply couldn’t defend at all with those odds, and we lost one more person by the end of the round, leaving us 3 against 8.

Not usually one to step up and take the bomb initially, with only three of us I figured why not? I made my way along the wall to the right side where the tower leads to the walkway to the big fan. I figured the only chance was a surprise attack from above. I didn’t encounter any resistance, but I also forgot that I couldn’t lower the walkway while I was holding the bomb, so I sat there for a moment wondering what to do and watching as our third teammate dropped from the game, leaving two of us against their whole team.

Shrugging, I dropped down right into the middle of…no one? I heard a ghost whiz by behind me and saw the blip on my radar, certain that he’d see me and I’d be dead in a moment. Nope, he must have been going too fast to stop, so I ducked into a crouch and began the most vulnerable and nervous approach imaginable, straight across in the open to the bottom on the right side.

As I made it through the door into their base, I actually took a hit to the shoulder from somewhere (or at least I’d like to imagine so, it made a nice ding and didn’t do much damage), but again, my assailant didn’t pursue. Knowing in my gut that I would be lucky if I even saw the opponent who delivered the killing blow, I crept on, my ducking likely the only thing that saved me. I heard gunfire above as I crept into the bombing zone, and prepared myself for the afterlife. Still crouching, I had to jerk my thumb back off the melee attack button when the player that dropped down in front of me turned out to be my one and only teammate. What are the odds? Ok, one in nine.

That was it, it was over. There were several nearby cries of “He’s in our base!” coming over the headset, but I never took another hit or saw anyone. Ka-boom.

We lost 2 to 1, sure, but it was all worth it for the abrupt radio chatter in angry astonishment before everyone disconnected quickly and shamefully, having just suffered the most humiliating round imaginable. My teammate was the only one not to immediately disconnect after the game and we just sat and laughed out of amazement and relief.

So, what kind of daring adventures have you pulled off lately, leaving opponents stunned? Any stories are good, a hail mary to the end zone or a, um, I don’t know, whatever it is you can do that’s amazing in WoW.

Who rules? Me. I rule.

Heh, thought it was another thread by HRose.


whatever it is you can do that’s amazing in WoW.

My herbalism skill is 17. Suck it down, bitches.


Well you certainly took the wind out of my sails Tom.

My skinning skill on my WoW Hunter is 283 – Leatherworking 225. He’s level 41 with an ape pet and a crab pet. I also have a level 29 Paladin with 170 Engineering and 150 Mining. Who is the man now?


I am Laharl, level 9999 Demon Overlord. You may shit your pants now.


Oh and I soloed Mordent Fell a level 35 Elite when I was level 34 and my ape Cornelius was level 33. Actually Cornelius did all the work - I mostly ran around killing the add-on skeletons and healing him.

I did a similar thing on Zanzibar! We were outnumbered. It was 4 to 2 I believe. I made my way across the top at the fan with the bomb. Someone else had opened it earlier in the round. This was our second assault. I ran balls to the wall across the top and jumped from the rocket launcher spot to the upper entrance of the base.

I just stopped, crouched and waited.

I heard the guys chatting away inside. They were somewhat visible on my radar. We were down 2-0 and they thought it was basically over. Going on about how awesome they were and all that. Typical for Halo 2 but always entertaining.

Anyway, I waited awhile. My teammate assaulted a couple times and died. It went to overtime because I still had the bomb and they hadn’t found me. As I listened to their banter and watched positions, I crouch walked into the base. I got on the platform above the bomb plant point (where you open the gate). I could see no red dots on my radar so I stood up and just looked over the sides. No one.

So I dropped straight down the planting point, heard a guy say OH SHIT! and by the time he got there it was 2-1. :)

Luckily, I got some congratulations from the guys on the other team. They were pretty shocked by it. The moral of these stories is that crouchwalking is definitely an underused and very powerful tactic that most people don’t look for.


Last week, I went two entire rounds of Call of Duty Capture the Flag without getting killed. I had two flag captures in the process, so I wasn’t hiding in the woods to do it.

On the other hand, in Halo 2 Slayer, my 15-year-old nephew beat a team of me and my eight-year-old nephew by scores of 50 to 9, then 50 to 11. I apparently need more controller practice.

Agreed. Bungie’s standing by their decision not to make it a toggle (you have to hold down the left stick which is a pain to do for very long) specifically because of how powerful it can be.

I applaud them for that, then. It should be sorta hard to do because it is very powerful. When you can successfully sneak past two or more fully armed guys using it, that pretty much bears it out. The field of view is limited in Halo 2 making it harder to see crouchwalkers too. You’ve got to be on a swivel/running constantly looking for those guys. Either that or be much smarter about positioning for flag/assault defense.


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Ah, but are you armed with naught but a Horse Penis?[/quote]

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Ah, but are you armed with naught but a Horse Penis?[/quote]

You’ll have to order the DVD of mahself, Jennifer and Flonne in action! :lol:[/quote]

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In Battlefield: Vietnam apparently I rule. Thats me at the top playing as Loser. I wasn’t cheating or anything, 54 kills 0 deaths.

When I see a guy with zero deaths in a game round, I go out of my way to make sure that guy ends up with at least one. :)


Thats the only round i’ve ever played in any Battlefield game+mods that I never died.

I am like that too, I remember once playing Vietcong CTF in that ruins type map. There was one US guy just calling in airstrikes on our spawn over and over. He had 0 deaths and a bunch of kills, I made it my mission to find and kill him. I finally found him in the small cave behind the US spawn point. Managed to kill him twice as the first time I killed him, he simply respawn and when right back there. It was very hard to get him because I basically needed to sneak past the whole US team and hope no one spawned right as I was approching their spawn point. But it was worth it. Those two kills were possibly the most rewarding kills I’ve ever got in a FPS multiplayer game.

Meh, anyone can do that. But if you were level 9999 with 160,000 stored levels from transmigration, I’d be impressed.