Who wants a Steam Deck?

Technically yes, the dock hooks up to a monitor, mouse and keyboard. It also works with any USB-C dock.

That being said, i’ts designed to play games at 720p so it probably won’t look great, but doable.

Clearly you haven’t been playing enough Dwarf Fortress!

Keep in mind the dock will be sold separately and there’s no price yet.

Hardware specs sound good, especially the mid and high tier. Price isn’t ridiculous, though the dock isn’t included (is the dock $80?)

Only hardware angle they missed was an OLED screen, ironically.

I’m not enthused. For one thing, I thought this thread was going to be about some CCG that Steam was selling. Secondly, so many PC games just wouldn’t work well on a handheld because of the small screen or because of the need for mouse input. I guess it would be good for games that are already on other consoles though and perhaps a few more that are not.

Mouse input doesn’t look like an issue, with the swipey pads like the Steam Controller. Keyboard hotkeys though…

Those trackpads do work, but they aren’t the same as a mouse, of course. They’re fine for selecting UI elements in menus and strategy games and such but not fantastic for aiming in a shooter. That assumes they’re the same as the steam controller which, well, they are.

For keyboard hotkeys hopefully the four paddle buttons on the rear are fully programmable. Again going by the Steam Controller example I expect they absolutely will be, on a per-game basis.

Hey, it has gyro for shooters at least.

I have my doubts about it working well for strategy games, but maybe the trackpads will be good enough for that?

They will be fine for strategy games, if you can read the small screen.

Yeah. That’s one of the main things I am wondering about. Strategy games are the ideal use case for me because they aren’t really something I play on the bigscreen TV anyway. But if the text and menus are unreadable or too fiddly it’s a moot point. Like, could I play Crusader Kings III on it?

Hopefully we’ll see lots of hands-on before shipping starts.

I’d like to see a comparison, what CPU + GPU combo is the Deck comparable to, but I guess that won’t happen until the thing is on buyers hands.

But I hope it works. Also, why Deck?

The CPU is pretty clear, it’s a 4c/8t zen2 at 3.5Ghz. More than fast enough for modern games.

The GPU comes in at 40% of an Xbox Series S, which is pretty pokey for a console but extremely powerful for a portable. That assumes the non-GDDR RAM doesn’t constrain its bandwidth too badly.

Because SteamPal was a terrible name, and I’m glad they changed it.

Can you plug it into an actual monitor or TV?

DisplayPort or HDMI, and you can connect mouse and keyboard too. It’s a small PC.

Swab the Steam Deck! Look lively, me hearties!

Yeah, it’s a PC with a fully-enabled USB-C port. So it supports displayport and HDMI alternate mode. You can also get the dock, which is just a USB hub with a bunch of extra ports, HDMI, USB-A, ethernet, etc.

A Steam deck dock? Can you get a DAC for your Steam deck dock?

Don’t be a dick about the deck dock DAC.


You dork.