Who Wants to be a Super Hero

Well, caught this while flipping through the channels, was pretty cool. Looks like they gave the concept a little thought and planning, has the right amount of cheesiness. Not too bad.

The cute brunette in the gold lame’ outfit was trying hard to get me to watch the first episode at the sci-fi booth at comicon. I guess her powers didn’t work on me because I missed it.

Turns out the Venture Brothers DVD was stronger.

It was pretty embarassingly bad and I’m a softie for reality programming. Stan Lee was trying to pull this hard ass routine that was just depressing and everything was so pre-scripted and fake - yes, even more than typical reality programming - that it was painful to watch.

They kicked off the gay guy because…he wanted to sell some toys? WTG, Capt. Arbitrary.

Monkey Girl’s “battle cry” was, as my girlfriend pointed out to my continual irritation, actually the call of a kookabura, a bird.

I don’t know what I was expecting but this was not it. The only highlight was Major Damage, who at least hammed it up a bit.

After seeing the ads on Sci-Fi for this running relentlessly for the past two weeks, I had seen enough that I knew it wasn’t worth watching for me. Sounds like I made the right choice by playing some Guild Wars instead.

3 of them (Victory, Fat Momma, and cell phone girl) were on the Today show yesterday. Just seeing their brief interviews made me not wanna watch.

I saw commercials for it and figured it would be a huge longwinded extension of the tryout scene from Mystery Men.

I missed it myself. it didn’t seem worth watching.
I did however catch the firsr couple of episodes of Eureka, It seems like it will be pretty good.

I caught the rerun of this on Bravo tonight. It’s actually pretty cute. The “go home” part is pretty sad, Stan Lee makes em put their costume in the garbage can. I’ll prolly watch it again if I see it on.

Lol, it is “bad” but it really showcases the comic hero nerds. I was laughing my ass off.

Really not a fair fight unless she went home with you that night.

me too. I wish they’d pull all the serious shit out and just let it be fun.

Stan Lee and some of the characters were at the San Diego Comic Con doing some promotion work. A friend of mine was happy to get a chance to meet The Man himself.

It was laughably bad, so much so I might even watch another episode. I loved the first ejection. Between the capitalist, slut, and blood thirsty psychopath, Stan chose the capitalist. Didn’t know the desire to make money was so frowned upon by super heroes. Somebody needs to tell Tony Stark. And Mr. Fantastic. And oh you get the point. Or not, depending on how much of a nerd you are I guess.

The Victory guy had me in stitches most of the time, ham to that degree takes talent.

I was wondering how that muscled guy with the BFG was able to run around in public. I would have thought the cops would have freaked seeing him sprinting through the park with a gun the size of a microwave perched on his arm :)

Man, that says it all. It’s hard to think of a film in recent memory that had so much potential and squandered all of it.

I got the feeling that Stan thought the guy was ONLY on the show to create his own superhero action figure that he could then sell and make millions on. That goes against the whole ‘hero-first’ theme of the show. Even Starks would drop everything to be a hero; he doesn’t put money before that.

And now that I have tried to be serious while defending this show, I’m going to go stand in the corner for a while and practice being shunned.

Sounds like it perfectly represents the kind of guy Stan Lee is.

Dang! I knew that was going to happen. Now my only doubts are that it’s staged :(

I have to say, we were cheering for Monkey Girl when she went up against the dogs.

I don’t know how they are going to surpass the 2nd episode. The dogs where brilliant, I don’t think I have laughed so hard in a long time. Watching them drag the small female contestants around like they where rag dolls was worth muscling through the intensely horrid acting. Or the way Major Victory (aka Captain Ham) stutter stepped to the door with his arms akimbo, each sporting a jaw locked attack dog hanging from it. I am still laughing, especially over the extreme makeover bit with Tyveculus.

Most of it is probably is staged, but I like to pretend it’s not. Plus next week we get the introduction of the Dark Enforcer? Yes please.

Staged? I don’t know. Seems legit to me. Events are always staged, of course, but we know that going in. That’s the POINT of a reality show. I thought the twist was good, and I didn’t see it coming. I’m pretty sure the guy didn’t either, actually.