Who Wants To Be A Wumpus?

Someone needs to take over Wumpus’s job of just being annoying in general. Who should it be? An exciting lifetime of micropayments, Sacrifice, obsessive music theft, and sniping at message board posts awaits!

Maybe Mark & Tom can reset the password on his account and give it to the winner.

Edit: what the…my poll disappeared!

There is already one topic about wumpus in this forum. Is it really so hard to just post this stuff there?

I’d say the group of people who can’t go a day without mentioning how much they miss wumpus are doing the job just fine. In fact, better than he did.

It is so ironic given wumpus total aversion to any sign of affection between anonymous people on the internet.

Ben is not serious here folks. This is just his impersonation of wumpus trying to get everyone to keep a discussion in one thread.*

*[size=2]We now return you to your regularly scheduled Narrator.[/size]

You forgot petitioning for a hardware forum.

I’d do it, but I’m just so lovable nobody would buy it :D

Well, I agree with you that you’re red and fuzzy. But not about the lovable part.


This is not the Who Wants To Be A Met_K thread. Stop being gay.