Who wants to play Old World PBEM? (games starting August 1st!)

Welp, now I’ve gone and dated myself by calling it PBEM. That’s so last century. Now it’s called PBC:


This would be for all skill levels, and the expected pace would be a turn a day. If you want to join, I need your Epic Name, which you can find on the main page of the Epic Games Store:

I think I also need your email address, which you can PM me if you don’t want to post it. Depending on the number of players and their experience levels, we’ll probably want to divide into teams. So in addition to your Epic Name, also post whether you’re:

a) Not experienced
b) Somewhat experienced
c) Experienced

There are a number of things that probably work differently in multiplayer, so this will be a learning game, even for those of us who consider ourselves experienced. We’ll work out the specific settings, nations, teams and so forth once we know how many people we’ve got and who they are.


space reserved

Oh, hell yeah. I won’t be near a PC until tomorrow night, but if that doesn’t disqualify me, I’m in. Epic name: UnParagon. Email: DM

Aw man, I’ll be away on vacation for parts of the next couple of weeks, but would love to do this mostly as a way to learn the game.

In! Epic name is guinnessdaddy and email is [email protected].

I suppose you can say I’m experienced. Have you ever been?

I’d be interested in playing if it’s a team game and if Tom thinks I should play… (I think it’s going to be a blast so could also wait for later ones when people are more experienced.)

Anyone and everyone is welcome, regardless of experience level or whether you actually made the game! We’ll even out skill levels with teams.


Pair him with me! That’ll even things up as I haven’t even completed the tutorial yet. In fact I’d need to install it on my wifes laptop as my desktop is sadly outclassed.

EGS millertime059

I’d be in if there’s room.

And I have played with it a bit but just enough to know how much I don’t know. :D

EGS: triggercut

Fun! I’m going to get destroyed. Thanks for being inclusive of skill levels! :)

u: cornchipfield

I’m in for any game starting a week from Sunday.

EGS: Lalswing

If there’s another slot open I’d like to enter.

My experience level is: a) Not experienced

On Epic Store I am: DontSwoopMe
On email I am: [email protected]

Do we really need TEN Old World threads? LMAO :)

Would love to play. If we end up with too many players, lets spin up a second instance.

EGS: Yyrkroon
EGE: [email protected]
EXP: 0 Old World MP, ~300 hrs SP;

I have no experience yet, but would be up for giving it a shot.

Name: Thraeg

BTW, we should talk settings before starting anything, and one oddball setting we might want to try is no fog of war? The map will get revealed very quickly with teams anyway, and with no fog, you’ll be able to share pictures of the game in threads without ruining anything.

I wonder if joining from Europe would slow down the game too much. I know most of you are in the United States and the time zones being misaligned would maybe result in having to wait for my turn every night.

I’d love to play. I’m pretty experienced.

Okay, so we’ve got 11 players, but that’s not a problem at all. We can break down into a couple of games. Also, @Dirklectisch asked about the time zone issue and overseas players. I don’t know any way to work around this, but I expect it would just be part of the flow. At any rate, we’d be happy to have you @Dirklectisch. Anyone who wants to start a game later, such as @Matt_W, circle back around in this thread when you’re ready and I’ll make sure to get you into a game.

Just to verify the players and skill levels, here’s what I’ve got so far:

@tomchick, @SorenJohnson, @Sonoftgb, @davehemke, @Strollen

No one claimed to be “somewhat experienced”!

@CraigM, @triggercut, @RothdaTheTruculent, @Thraeg, @cornchip

I still need to know the experience level for @bmarinari. I also need the Epic Games name for @SorenJohnson and @Strollen. And I need to know what email address to use for @triggercut, @SorenJohnson, @Thraeg, and @Strollen (you can PM me if you don’t want to post your email address).

Once I get that info, I’ll set up teams and we can get the games underway!

In terms of game settings, Soren suggested having revealed maps, but keep in mind this doesn’t just reveal terrain. It reveals everything always: cities, units, everything not tagged as “hidden”. I’m certainly willing to go with whatever settings the majority decides, but this seems like it would have a huge impact on how the game unfolds and even some of the gameplay systems (scouting and vision bonuses, for instance). If you have a preference one way or the other, please weigh in.


I’m TheCaptain84, and you can use my regular email. I haven’t played with fog off in a long time, but I just wanted to throw it out there depending on how many observers we’ve got (and if people want to play the game totally dark).