Who wants to play Old World PBEM? (games starting August 1st!)

I was getting mine yesterday. If it helps anyone, here’s the email:

And here’s the header details:


I got notification on the second and third turns, but not the first, so it’s spotty at best.

@Thraeg is next (and let me know if you’re receiving emails and don’t need pinged.)

I was really surprised that my treasury already completed and I was a third of the way into a settler. How do I see what might’ve happened?

Thanks for the headers, Tom—support’s looking at it.

I’ve gotten it once also, for the last (?) turn, turn 3 @ 10pm.

I’ll let you know if I get one this time, as soon as @tomchick moves (Game Two.Two)

There should be a turn summary icon at the bottom of the screen, like in single player, but it might be hidden by a toggle.

For other player map moves, there is a replay button in the top left.

Ok we should be on to the next turn and @tomchick

Ahhhhhhh. Thanks for that.

BTW, comparing the two games’ maps, look at how the other game started out:

The teams are aligned on the east and west sides of the map, but look at all that empty space to the north. Well, empty except for the barbarians. But that’s quite the gift to Persia and Babylon! They can duck into those protected valleys or push north into the middle to duke it out.


More info please.

I’m curious what family type they chose and what the did with their worker(s).

Well I am the orange blob, Egyptians and I went SCIENCE!

Tom is the purple Romans, who RNJesus has seen fit to block effectively into aggressive expansion.

The rest I don’t remember as I am not at my computer that can load things.

One other bit, there is the Vandals all in the upper center. There are something like 4 vandal cities in a line there.

Eww, I am Rome, aren’t I? That sucks. Who’s Greece? Maybe I can convince Greece to join with me and conquer everyone else while they’re up north fighting each other and the barbarians. Shh, don’t tell!


I’m Greece, no chance Tom. I was about to show off my awesome photo shop skills with a map showing arrows converging on Rome (opps maybe I shouldn’t have public announced our strategy)

Game Two.Two

Just because I’m not 100% certain the notification is working. @triggercut is up.

@Thrag it is still your turn in Game 2

Wait, what? Have I been sleepPBEMing again?

You probably meant @Thraeg

Opps sorry.

@Sonoftgb you’re up!

and now @Rothda


Turn taken. Over to @tomchick

The email turn notification worked, but got marked as spam. I’ve unmarked it, so hopefully future notices will work.

As the head Diplomat of my team, it is with great sadness, and regret, and also a lot of anger, that I must declare WAR on that other team.

We can no longer stand by as that other team defiles our holy colors, blue and green, with their profane color palette of green and blue. Furthermore, we are shocked and appalled and again, angered, by the other team’s assault upon the free peoples of, uh, Barbarian village 9. We stand with all Barbarians everywhere in their pursuit of freedom and self determination. So long as those Barbarians are on the Eastern half of the map.

Edit: and back to @tomchick 's turn