Who wants to play Old World PBEM? (games starting August 1st!)

What size are we playing, and @SorenJohnson how does team placement work? Will teams end up grouped together or intermixed?

Well, this is not going smoothly. For whatever reason, I’m getting this error when I try to start game one:

OW yyrkroon

And this error when I try to start game two:

OW cornchipfield

@davehemke and @cornchip, can you verify those are your names as they appear in the lower left corner of the Epic Games launcher? What’s weird is that I can add those names and send friend requests to the accounts. They clearly exist. So I don’t understand how they’re valid for friend requests, but not valid for starting a game of Old World. :(


I lied, @tomchick , it is “Yyrkroon BR”

I just accepted the invite. Sorry about that. Hopefully that does it. It is cornchipfield.

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 12.59.52 PM

Okay, that seems to have gone through. Game One is in effect. I’m not sure how it works, but I’m assuming when you boot up Old World, you should have a notification in the lower right hand corner of the main screen telling you whose turn it is (I’m currently showing that it’s Yyrkroon BR’s turn. Click on that and it will take you to your turn. Hopefully, there’s some mechanism for turn notifications.

So, a couple of things. First, it turns out I didn’t need email addresses. I could have sworn there was a field for email addresses in the player list, but it’s not there now. Maybe it was patched out? Similarly, there’s now a field for “Turn Notification URL” that I don’t recall seeing before, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with that. It’s not even tooltipped.

Second, yikes, the medium map seems awfully small. I imagine it’s going to encourage a lot of, um, interaction.

Finally, this will probably take some getting used to, but as Soren pointed out, there is no undo in multiplayer! I’ve gotten super spoiled by using undo to check combat odds, set up improvements, test decision options, and so forth. I’m going to have to adjust how I play.


Players should enter their own emails in their player settings to get turn notifications. (Until then, may need to bug them here.)

I’m still getting this error:

OW cornchipfield error

Which makes no sense because I can see that’s your name on my friends list now. Can you verify that your Epic Games name isn’t some variation of cornchipfield? Dave’s yyrkoon thing has a BR appended to it, but even then, I see two separate accounts with that name when I submit a friends request. Do you think there might be some variation of your username that we’re not seeing in the friends request?


Ah, right. That’s under Options, at the top of the tab for General settings, like so:


Sorry about this. I just linked the Old World game client itself to the Epic Games social panel or whatever. Maybe that does it? I looked through settings and I can’t see any other usernames.

Taking my turn now.

Since we’re no FOW, no need to be super secretive.

  1. Lower right on the main menu FTW.

  2. Do we share tech? It doesn’t look like it, since I am picking my own, but is there a way to share what is researched?

  3. It appears we (the good guys / east side) have 3 open city sites (no barbs), but not “evenly distributed”. We have one near Tom in the south, and two to the north of Trigger.

Unless I’m missing it, it appears the bad guys (west side) have only 2?

… And TriggerCut is up

Wait, I’m dumb. I think you’re good and I was putting the names in the wrong boxes? Stand by!


Which seems to mean that all of Team 1 goes, then all of Team 2 goes… hmmm, seems exploitable?

FYI, I’m jumping on a plane so might not be able to play today.

Observation: does not appear that I can view the game when not my turn.

By default, the player list was arranged in alternating order, like so: team 1, team 2, team 1, team 2… I changed it to team 1 x3 and then team 2 x3 because I was entering the names from my list. I wonder if that screwed us up.

By the way, I did enable the “mirror map” setting, so it should – should – be balanced.


Okay, Game Two is now underway. The player order should alternate between teams now.

Also, I just noticed there are player count tooltips for each map size. I am almost positive that’s new, because I’ve never seen recommended player counts for the maps, and I thought it was a conspicuous omission. Apologies if it’s just another thing I didn’t notice. So Game Two is on a huge map, which is the recommend size for six players.

I’m going to retire out of Game One and relaunch it on a Huge map. I think the current situation is a little too “knife fight in a phone booth” for our purposes.


It looks like Barbs spawned on one city site on the West that they didn’t on the mirror East one, its the site map-interior to the top player. You can see on this screen shot, West of trigger has no defenders (green), East of whoever is top bad guy team has a barb camp (red).

I’m not seeing any type of game or friend requests when I launch the Epic launcher or just launch the production version of Old World

I sent a friend request to TomChick on Epic.

Okay, there are now two games underway, set on huge maps, with alternating player order. If you got placed into two games, feel free to retire out of the game on the Medium map. You can tell map size by the tooltip in the upper right corner:

We should all be underway now!


Look for this on main menu screen