Who Wants to Win $1 million?

All you have to do is design and build a robotic vehicle that will guide itself without human intervention from LA to Vegas. The contest is sponsored by the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, the folks who brought you ARPANET (and we all know what that lead to). As a side note: One of the contestants say that he had “the number three guy in computer game coding” working on his team. Which begs the question: Who’s Number 3?

I think the robot itself would deserve a billion-dollar prize for surviving LA.

Gary McTaggart

Can we give one to all the $%#^@$ 90 year olds driving around here…?

Is this in any way related to Nigeria?

Actually that’s my hope. I hope by the time I’m too incompetent to drive, we’ll have computers to drive the cars for us. Because let’s face it, it’s got to suck being too old to drive and being stuck at home 24/7.

Gary McTaggart[/quote]


It’s also nuclear proof and runs over black guys.

That’s “supernegroes”, to you.

This reminds me of that old Steve Martin skit, ‘you can make a million dollars and not pay taxes’. How? Simple! First, designandbuildaroboticvehiclethatwillguideitselfwithouthumaninterventionfromLAtoVegas, then… :)