Who wears the pants in your relationship?

So I was wondering today. I feel really in control and all in my relationship knowing that my wife allows me to spend an obscene amount of money and time playing games.

But then again, if I were a real man and really in control wouldn’t I have a hobby like going out every night and playing poker in the bar or spending twice as much as I do on gaming on racing cars or something?

Oh yeah and if you think it’s a mutual relationship relationship I’d like to bring an old poker saying to your attention. If you can’t spot the fish at the table it’s you.

where’s the “oblivion” option?

I suppose this must be me then. It certainly seems mutual- I never have to get “permission” to buy a game or spend time playing them. Sure she’ll occasionally pipe in with a “do you really need another game?” but she isn’t serious. And considering that the PSP was my birthday gift last year, 360 my Christmas gift, and PS3 likely to be this year’s Christmas gift she has certainly done her share of supporting my habit.

Time isn’t really any issue since she goes to bed really early (between 8-9pm most nights) and I go to bed very late (1-2am most of the time) so I get hours of guilt free gaming every day if I want.

Ultimately, I guess it goes to your second point- when I’m up gaming my wife knows where I’m at so she never really has to worry.

Single, pantless, etc. here. But games are probably a big part of the reason why it remains so. :P

Re gaming, it’s not a problem. We both game pretty seriously, though she was very jealous of Civ 4 for a while there.

I do note, however, that most of our computer upgrades are driven by serving her Neverwinter Nights DM needs and not by my desire to see the next big RTS in all its glory.


You know, until a few weeks ago I totally would have said my wife ran things. In terms of day to day organizational and scheduling matters she certainly does, especially since our son was born. When I mentioned that to her she (correctly) pointed out that I’ve gotten my own way on every major decision we’ve made as a couple. When buying cars, houses, or major appliances we always get the one I want no matter how much she has her heart set on another.

So apparently I don’t need her permission to buy a car, I just need her permission to go out car shopping ;-)

I’m single, I get to run around pantless all day if I want to.

And I do.

how is this a gaming topic?

Put DrDel down as “single”.

Where’s the option for “the inmates are running the asylum”, a.k.a. “the kids wear the pants, and we’re lucky they haven’t figured out how a credit card works yet”?


Heh, I can relate to everything posted by the non-singles (apart from the ‘wife’s a gamer too’).
My wife runs the day to day operation but defers to me when the big stuff has to be delt with (car, house, loans, rebuilding etc.) but in reality the kids are controlling everything behind the scenes…

Where’s the option for ‘We both wear pants’?

Where’s the “it’s a partnership” option?

Personally, I’m grateful for the times when neither one of us is wearing pants.

Betsy and I conveniently care little about areas the other is obsessed with, so there’s not much to even have ownership conflict on.

Ooh. My games collection is steadily growing, but my girlfriend Does Not Approve, so I’ve stopped informing her of any new purchases. Of course she eventually catches on and becomes Very Cross with me for not telling her.
That upcoming computer upgrade this summer might be a little tougher to conceal, though.

Spoken like a true bachelor. This is a gaming topic. Wait until you’re married with kids.

This poll is missing some options:

It’s equal (but really me, I’m showing out for my s/o who is looking over my shoulder as I answer this poll)

It’s equal (but really my s/o, I’m showing out for my s/o who is looking over my shoulder as I answer this poll)

It’s my s/o (but really me, I’m showing out for my s/o who is looking over my shoulder as I answer this poll)

It’s me (but really my s/o, I’m showing out for Qt3)

I need to go check with my wife to see how I should answer this.

She wears the pants, but they’re removed with a snap of my fingers.