Who will have the most posts?

If you go to ‘Memberlist’ and do a Descending sort by Total Posts, you find out that Bub, Andrew leads Mark Asher by 912 posts to 851. Then there is a group of posters in the high 600’s of Jason McCullough, Wumpus, and Tyjinks and all within 20 posts of each other. The only other poster over 600 is Dave Long, and only Murph (a former favorite to win this thing!) has more than 500. Who will have the most? Will Bub, Andrew beat Mark Asher to the millenium mark? Will Jason McCullough find a new Everything Else thread to open a lead on his group, and maybe join the leaders? Or will “Steve Bauman’s” latest posts set Wumpus off? Anything’s possible at quartertothree!

I’m that high? Could have sworn it’d be lower…

Yep, I’ve been slipping. Just not as much time as I used to have. I’ve actually had to work at work lately.




…catch up. ;)

Heh. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.





Not that I was actually expecting to win, but I was doing good unti I forgot the password for Tim Elhajj and had to start over. Personally I think it was a plot. Andrew or Mark must have turned the ray on me and made me forget.

[shakes fist at sky]

Is there no “e-mail me a new password” functionality in the forum software?

I wanted mine frozen at 666. I could have started over with a new login and Tyjenks would forever hold a mark of the beast post count.

Unfortunately, as often happens with you car’s odometer, I was going on with some inane garbage, looked up, and I was on 667. Doh!

Crazy thing is, until starting on this board, I never really joined any non-game specific boards. Even on the game sites, though, I never approached one hundred. I don’t know if I come back here because of the intelligent debates, never-ending witty jabs, or because work is as boring as Hell with cold coffee.

Heh, hey Ben, nice impersonation of Stevie from Malcom in the Middle!

What I want to know is: does Sparky really live in Custer’s Tibia, Nevada???

Ah-ha!!! 1 ahead of you DavidCPA!!! You may have the certification, but I’ve got the greater number of qt3 posts!!!

They do, but it’s broken. When you click the link, you get a 404 error.

They do, but it’s broken. When you click the link, you get a 404 error.[/quote]

Good stuff. You’d almost want to call them names and such except we know that they do actually put time into this forum, what they can spare anyways. They should give me 0pz and I’ll run this bitch. I certainly check it often enough now.

/me smacks forearm looking for a vein

Works for me. Not sure where you are going but from


the i forgot my password goes to here:

And works…