Who will win the Super Bowl?

So who will win the Super Bowl?

I think the 49ers will win…something like 30-20.

No love for the Ravens?

I think the point spread is only 3 1/2.

Teddy the talking porcupine predicts

I like the Ravens. Not sure why because I think the Niners have a little bit more on offense and maybe even defense, but my gut feel is the Ravens will find a few big plays to win it.

I’ll take the Ravens 24-21 with Akers missing a last minute 40 yarder.

I think both teams will try ball control running games, in order to keep the opposing QB in check(Ravens to avoid big QB runs and Niners to avoid bombs). I think this plays into the Ravens defense’s strength. So I see a Ravens win, along the lines of a 20=13 score. Close, more field goals than touchdowns, but Rice having a bigger day than Gore.

I just want it to be over so I can listen to the radio again.

Go Niners, though, I guess.

I have stayed away from the sports talk stations this week as well. :)

I have the fantasy where the police show up right around the end of the first quarter, and put Ray Lewis in handcuffs and take him away to prison.

Then, just as halftime gets under way, a massive asteroid strikes the stadium, destroying Beyonce, both teams, and all of their fans.

Damn, that’s the type of shit I hope for when Florida and Tennessee play. I respect your hate, sir.

I picked Niners but I don’t really care. Just hoping to see a good game.

I like SF to win but Baltimore to cover the 4.5. I think it will be a great game.

That sounds pretty reasonable, ++.

I’d vote pizza shop owners in the poll, yet the selection doesn’t exist.

If we’re just talking football teams then I think SF will pull it out. Well, I hope SF will pull it out, however I haven’t had much faith in them since the Montana/Young days.



My wife and I have discussed this as much as it deserves to be discussed (the conversation was about 10 seconds long, I think) and we think that SF will win but we are going to root for Baltimore, for no particular reason.

I’m hoping Beyonce will lipsync the Bad Lip reading version of whatever the hell she sung at the inauguration.


AFC North in the house.

Niners but it will be a close game. A touchdown or less, 24-21. But if it comes down to Akers making a field goal, well I have no confidence in the guy anymore.

She claims she will not lip-sync for the Super Bowl. I think she got fragged for lip-syncing for the inauguration.

Can’t bring myself to root for the purple Browns or the Youngstown mobsters, so I guess I’ll just with the Puppy Bowl instead.