Who won the E3 conference war?

Ok, now as it’s own thread instead of the tail of the Sony thread.

The one that got the most cheers for tween market expansion of course!

I’d go with Microsoft. Solid and well paced with some neat announcements. Nintendo had pacing issues, and Sony had potential but really needed and editor to shave off 20 minutes or so.

One of my buddies is trying to convince me that Sony “owned MS’ face”. I just don’t see it. The MS conference was clearly better than Sony’s in my opinion. The price tag ($250) for the PSP Go! is a disaster.

Sony was the only I watched in full. So, uh, I vote for them.

I thought Sony had the best games and tech. Microsoft definitely had the best put together conference. The $250 for the Go! was definitely a “what?!”, but Sony carries it for me with the rest of the content. Definitely see the argument for MS too, though.

Seriously? Is this thread really here?

Really? Really? Really?

The console that wins is the console that people already have (minus the Wii for a few people).

I think Ubisoft won hands down!

Confirmation of Trico (Last Guardian), U2 and GOW3 demos and FFIV/GT5 tease gets my vote, although I’m really psyched for Alan Wake/LFD2 and was glad to see footage of both.

Hands down, Pencils Down, Heads down, Cameron Down…

Winner of the E3 conference war: Angie

  • Alan

Hmm, Microsoft’s presentation held my attention the most and definitely had the most “Woah really?” moments. Metal Gear Rising, Halo Reach, Natal, and the Multiplatform’s that they alone showed were much more interesting than what Sony brought to the table.

Though Sony gets props for having the Assassin’s Creed 2 demo.

I thought that the Metal Gear Solid announcement was nice, but it demonstrated how poorly rehearsed and uncomfortable most of the speakers were. Perhaps it was a contrivance meant to mirror the absent social graces of their target market, but I could not help but be put off by the poor public speaking. Microsoft is a gigantical megacorp, and I love them to death, but a couple more dry runs would have made them the winners of E3, as it stands, there are only losers.

Which is not so unreasonable.
Sony showed some great games that I’m looking forward to, and I don’t have to pay 350 euro to play them - so that gets me excited.

I could see how other people might look at it differently though. For me the only exclusive game I was really interested in at the Microsoft conference was Splinter Cell, and maybe the Epic XBLA game. I used to be hyped for Alan Wake, but the more they show of it the less it interests me.

Pretty much my viewpoint also.

There seems to be a lot of confusion over this, but Metal Gear Rising is multiplatform, isn’t it? It’s pretty weird that Sony refused to even mention it.

Both the konami press release and the microsoft press release didn’t mention anything about exclusivity - and it was on microsofts multiplatform list.
I think Sony just didn’t feel to give the game too much importance at this point, because their competitor just snagged it away as a semi-exclusive playstation franchise (yes i know about the xbox/gamecube games).

Ehhhh, I wouldn’t say it was just Microsoft who had shitty speakers; each company had their share of failures with the public speaking. Reggie flubbed up quite a few lines, and the guy for Sony was trying to bid for laughs that were too hard to give.

i think flowers was joking…