Who won the E3 waggle war?


The Sony motion controller has the biggest potential for adult Japanese hentai games, so I’m voting for that one.

Sony and Microsoft are just copying Nintendo.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

yeah, i’m with royal. whatever is easiest to use as a dildo i’m all for.

I’m not buying a controller for all 8 tentacles.

The “restraining tentacles” are built into the game.

But Natal allows for full-body thrusting. I think the hentai potential is a bit of a wash, really.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

Natal is a bit different than both the other two…

Anyways, I think Natal is very interesting, but the Sony Waggle Ball thing is also really interesting, as it included both parts of the other two; a camera based system and a remote based system.

Could go either way.

Yes, and Google was just copying Altavista.

Both MS and Sony seem to be pushing it to the next level and if nothing else, it won’t allow Nintendo to rest on their laurels.

Microsoft all the way. I can play the “touch myself” game without chafing due to some controller.

When all of the major console makers decide that waggle is the future of gaming, we ALL win.

just strap that phallic motion wand somewhere and thrust away.

You ever wonder what the bottom of an avatar’s shoe looks like?

My wife would vote for the Sony branded double-headed ‘wands’ (bonus points if it has vibration) for entirely different reasons than I have. I’m about the gameplay. Honest.

They just need to put analogue sticks on the motion wands to control character movement. Then motion controlled Demon’s Souls 2 can be a reality (I know it will never happen).

I’m going with shit b0nerz on this one.

Sony’s at least has a release timeframe.

I’m voting shit b0nerz, because I honestly don’t want any waggleable controllers. It makes my arms and wrists ache. I just want to sit and relax on the sofa when gaming.

I think the waggle war is d0med, mostly because it’s only the first step. Yes, we now have motion input, but you need feedback too, which no one seems to be working on (or Nintendo is, and not telling anyone until DS2).

When I’m using the silly wheel to control Mario Kart Wii, I don’t feel like I’m driving. When I get in an arcade machine, grab a wheel and it offers resistance depending on the road surface and whether or not I’m hitting another car or the wall, THEN I feel like I’m driving.

So doing high kicks in Natal is silly until I can feel impacts. Waving my hands around doesn’t quite work for me until something pushes back and I know how much force I need to move things around.

The Wiimote at least has some rumble in it for feedback, but it’s certainly not there yet. EA Active had to give us big rubberbands to pull on. Wii Fit uses gravity.

You have to have something to push against for real motion to feel real.