Who won the VP debate?


Bob Cherub believes he wins everything. And I haven’t watched it yet.

I see that Bob has voted already, though.

Very clever XPav! Splitting the Palin vote like that. :-)

No option for tie? I think they both did well. Palin got the Afghanistan US commander mixed up with a Civil War general, but generally held her ground. She looked hot, that counts. Biden managed to get her to stop saying “maverick”.

Biden is pure, scary evil. He just stinks of it.

Palin looks like Tina Fey…and smells nice, like Tina Fey.
(I assume)

I can’t believe you guys voted without watching.

I vote BORING! I am sad there was no disaster, I’d have settled for a biden gaffe.

Nothing spectacular on either side, but that’s because it wasn’t a debate. It was a reiteration of talking points.

They need a moderator who won’t move on until the candidates answer the question that was asked.

Lincoln, Douglas, Kennedy, and Nixon are all having a grave-spinning party.

So what is the deal with this expectations game? I had rock-bottom expectations for Sarah Palin going in. She did better than I expected, but not fucking up doesn’t make her the winner, for God’s sake. Biden kicked the shit out of her on every question.

Look, if you insist on living so relentlessly in reality you can’t hope to understand politics.

Were prepared flash cards also allowed at the pres debates? I guess they just weren’t as noticeable?

I voted Biden the winner, as after 30 minutes I had enough of Palin’s verbal baloney that I turned off the television and read a book instead.

No option to view poll respondents? I’d really like to know who picked Palin as the winner, because these people have gotta be watched. Pat Buchanan’s burbling notwithstanding, it wasn’t even a contest unless the criteria for winning were “don’t answer anything you’re asked” and “name Tom Cruise’s call sign in Top Gun.”

Biden. No contest.

Seriously. Do you know how drunk you get while watching this and drinking every time “maverick” or street is said?

I accidentally voted for Palin, since I’m not awake. Didn’t help her a bit, either!

Next time, you need Jeremy Paxman as the moderator.

You should have made the results public. Although honestly we already know how each person here would have voted.

Ha, he’s such a dick.

You voted for a Republican!

Secretly, you do this all the time, right?