Who would like to see a classic GI Joe game?

I recall a mod group creating a GI Joe game back in the days of Team Fortress 1.

Two teams: GI Joe and Cobra.

You can choose any of the classic characters: Roadblock, Duke, Destro, Zartan, etc.

And you play a la Team Fortress / Counterstrike.

Yeah, I know it is nothing new… but at least it would be sexy for da GI Joe fans like me.

What would be the fun of a game where you shoot and shoot and shoot but nobody ever gets hit?

All fights would ultimately come down to a kung-fu confrontation between Storm Shadow and some other character so you may as well just make it a fighting game ala Tekken or some such.

How about a mixture of Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars, using GIJoe. You could have Advance Wars levels where the vehicles fight and destroy each other, and then when everyone has parachuted/ejected you switch to a FFT game, using the GIJoe characters.

I’d love that.


That GI Joe vs. Cobra would be considered a “classic GI Joe” game makes me weep. I guess GI Joe vs. VC is now considered pre-historic.


That’s the A-Team game. But you do get to drive a cool van and pity fools.

That’s the real reason why the A-Team were sent to military prison. They were supposed to be a crack commando unit, but they couldn’t actually hit anything except moving tires. The government was so embarassed they had them locked away to prevent the rest of the world from finding out just how inept they were.


Sure if they use bullets instead of the PEW PEW lasers.

“Some other character?”

In his defense, I remember Spirit kung-fu fighting Storm Shadow once. It wasn’t always Snake Eyes. Just every time but one.

Spirit? Not Quick Kick (ugh)? Rude.

I’ve made this exact request to pretty much every game developer I’ve ever met…and that’s a lot of developers.

Quite frankly, blue and red lasers all over the place sounds kinda charming in a retro way, if you ask me.

What would be the fun of a game where you shoot and shoot and shoot but nobody ever gets hit?

Are you kidding? Back in the day we didn’t have the chance for fully destructable environs. Sure, you wouldn’t be able to kill anyone, but you’d be able to blow up all kinds of buildings and vehicles and watch people flee the wreckage.

In fact I’m pretty sure the only way to destroy a tank in GIJOE was to drop a flaming helicopter on it.

Right, but only if said copter was shot down by another Joe.

Also every time a cobra solidier would attack or do something he would have to yell “COBRA!!”

You could make an hilarious RTS where the Joes only get one of each vehicle for any given battle at any given time, but if it is destroyed it may be instantly remade for a subsequent battle.

A-Team style puzzle game. Given a pitchfork, two barrels of hay, some wheels, two barrels of fertiliser, and Mr T, escape from the barn in the camp full of enemies.*

*Solution: build an M1A tank that shoots potatoes.