Who would you vote for President?

Colin Powell, circa 1996. Or Obama 2008?

Gee, what do these two have in common?

The ability to win and become President. Well, after his stint as Secretary of State, I think Powell will never be elected President now.

How are their bo staff skills?

Is the color of their skin somehow skewing this question for you?

Skin color? I hadn’t noticed.

Powell does have much more experience in covering up massacres, so that’ll make it a tough choice for many voters.

so, they don’t have that in common then. why not provide your real reasoning for the poll?

(well, we know why)

It’s their leet ninja skills. America needs someone who knows how to throw shuriken.

I wish Powell was running. And if not for his involvement with getting us into the Iraq War, I think he would be. So, I thought it would be interesting to see what the board’s thoughts on Powell (a Republican) running against the likely Democratic nominee are.

It’s interesting how it’s Obama’s supporters who are often the first to decry racism. Didn’t Obama give a speech on getting beyond that?

No it’s not. I didn’t vote for Obama and I still think your poll is dumb. Pro tip: Obama wins all polls in P&R.

I don’t think this country is ready to deal with race honestly and openly. Ironically, I think political correctness is the first thing to stand in the way.

so why didn’t you mention that in the first place?

(we know why)

What’s to discuss? If you are really concerned about getting a black president elected ASAP perhaps we should have an American Idol style televised competition to quickly identify the most palatable one.

Or you can just wait for American culture and demographics to keep shifting until these things really don’t bother people as much anymore.

Case in point.

Please explain. What is it you would like to say about Obama that Political Correctness is not allowing you to say?

Yes, your disingenuous post is a good example of why that can’t happen.

Seriously, spit it out. Because this terrible poll is not getting anything across to anyone beyond your usual content-free grandstanding.

Fuck off, Dirt.

It’s just wishful thinking that the Republicans can put forth a candidate I can support. Being liberal isn’t as attractive as it once was.