Who you gonna call?

I’m watching Ghostbusters on TBS Superstation right now. Still funny. But it made me think. A movie like this wouldn’t be made with the 4 men in it now. They’d insist on putting a pretty boy in it somewhere. How times have changed.

I’m getting really tired of the WB-esque youth centrism of the latest years. This mostly manifests itself in bitterness over Birds of Prey sucking, which I think could have been handled in an adult manner.
Now, the youth-thing can be done good: just look at most seasons of Buffy. But that was extraordinary, and most shows don’t benefit from being “youthful” and just end up being forgettable tripe.

Dirt I was watching last night too. I had forgotten just how damn funny this whole movie was. Murray firing zingers, Rick Moranis…I was laughing the whole time.

Yeah, old people suck. They should all just up and die. Right now.

I guess if Ghostbusters was remade, then it would star Ashton Kutscher, Josh Hartnet, and Jim and Finch from American Pie. Let the sucking begin…

… young people, right?

I too was watching it, i came in around the half point.

I have a theory that it is completely and totally impossible to turn off Ghostbusters once you turn it on. Great movie and a great cast.

I flipped to it also. Its just a classic movie.

Anyone have the video game for it? It played the Ghostbusters theme, making excellent use of the Tandy-1000/PCjr sound 3-voice audio chip.

I had the first videogame for it on my Apple IIC, the one where you drove around town until a building needed you, and then drove into the building, and had to run around inside and outside of it, shooting/catching ghosts. Sadly, it was really buggy, and crashed repeatedly.

I remember that game. It was awful, but boy did I play it anyway! You could run up some ludicrous debts thanks to Stay-Puft.

This is so weird. I watched it last also and I have the collectors edition on DVD. Some movies you watch, no matter if it’s chopped up and commercial riddled, when they are on TV.

Best Line: Ray Stanz “Listen” (Piano ivories tinkle) “You smell something?”

What about the Activision Ghostbuster game for the Atari 800? That was fun, especally in two player coop mode trying to snag a ghost. Is that the same game as on the Tandy?

Ugh, don’t remind me. I’d forgotten all about the stay puft.

… young people, right?[/quote]

I tried to convey sarcasm without the appropriate markup tags. Damn non-verbal communication.

The Ghostbuster game for the PC went like this:

Step 1) Buy car & equipment (and go into debt)
Step 2) Drive around town, catch ghosts by moving guys to the left or right on either side of the ghost, boxing it in between beams. When the ghost is above the trap, hit the button and catch him, make money
Step 3) When your traps are full, go back to the firehouse and empty the traps
Step 4) After a certain amount of time, the Stay-Puft man shows up, and if you’ve paid off your debt, you get three (or 4?) chances to get 2 guys between the jumping Stay-Puft’s man legs. If you succeed, you see a “cut scene” with the streams being crossed, and you win the game. You get a code to use next time so you can buy better equipment.

That was about it. I suspect that various other platforms had variations on this theme.

Thats the one that got me

Anyone played the Ghostbuster game on the Genesis? That was great. Had more to do with Little Shop Of Horrors then the original Ghostbusters but still great.

BTW how come none of these games ever featured Winston?

echo" HELLO! Hello! hello hello…

echo: Echo! echo! echo echo…



Isn’t that GB2?

Winston wasn’t a big star?

Yeah, but I couldn’t think of any great lines from him in the first movie.