Whoah, Goss is out

That was fast. Wasn’t he linked to the Cunningham Prostitution thing?

He was linked to it in that he was apparently present at some of the Mitchell Wade get-togethers at the Watergate; Goss claims he was there playing poker and having a drink and cigars, and wasn’t present/didn’t see any illegal stuff going on.

And by “having a drink and cigars” he meant having sex with prostitutes I guess.

I have a feeling a lot of the guys at those poker games left before the illegal stuff started.

This is the second high ranking official to leave without a replacement lined up (McClellan was the first).

I’m guessing it’s probably going to come out sooner or later that Goss was there for the hookers. He knows where this is going.

He came for the cigars. He stayed for the hookers.

And, of course, one of the fun legacies of Clinton’s “Monicagate” scandal is that anything involving cigars in DC sounds lurid.

Don’t forget Claude Allen. It’s amazing, not that the wheels are coming off, but how bizarrely the wheels are coming off.

Apparently he’s checking into the Mayo Clinic for sex addiction. Yikes!

Better check the site, at the bottom it says it’s fictitious.

Well, Check this rap sheet out.

Yeah, there’s certainly no bias there.

Sigh. I thought I was smarter than that…

Isn’t playing poker for money technically illegal in much of America? DC?