Whole house humidifiers


I’m the same, thus a humidifier in the bedroom. It does indeed help a lot with skin issues/itching, and even colds and chest congestion.

We get that too, fresh deli bread is both awesome and not, because of that. We store about 1/2 a loaf in the freezer and after about a day, any fresh loaves go in the fridge. You get a little staleness after a while, but it really keeps the mold at bay.

Hell, one of the reasons I don’t bake is that we would have a ton of spoilage. :(


Sadly after the original fridge in our unit died and the homeowners replaced it with The World’s Tiniest Fridge ™, finding space for bread in there can be a real bitch–esp. if I wanna rotate a couple of different kinds of loaves for different purposes.

So I mostly just don’t eat much bread anymore.


Humidity outside right now is 70%. Yeah Florida.


Yeah it’s a bitch for us as well, which is why we split a loaf in half, putting half in the freezer, half in the fridge. It would probably help if we just bought shelf bread, which has preservatives, but screw all that. When I get the rare need for bread, I want good stuff.


I should have read closer. Furnace, not radiator…DUH.
Get one!


I actually like the taste of preservatives. But then again I also prefer playing online games with randos vs. friends.

I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo… what the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here.


If they made that fantastic sourdough bread that I buy at the deli in a more storable form, I’d be on it.


I’m right here with you. I’ve done the single room humidifiers before, and damn if they weren’t nearly useless at my last place. The furnace just pulled all the moisture out in winter, we’d have to fill our 5 gallon humidifier multiple times a day just to keep living areas in the low to mid 20’s. And this meant my wife would frequently wake with itchybdry skin, and I with a sore throat.

Our house has a whole house humidifier that was there when we moved, and it is so much better.


Dude, I never had either, until I splurged on one of these about 4 years ago. And I love it to death. It’s incredibly accurate (when compared to the radio or TV news outdoor temps and humidity), and cheap to boot.

You get indoor and outdoor temps and humidity, and it will maintain your record highs and lows. The outdoor sending unit has only used up one set of 2 batteries (AA or AAA I can’t remember) in 4 years.

And its forecasting, while not perfect, is actually much better than I expected.

We check the thing several times a day.
Well, okay, this is not exactly the same as mine, but very close. I guess they quit making the one I have.

Ah. Here’s exactly the one I have. The Acu-Rite 02038W. I prefer this one, because the graphical forecaster is much prettier to look at.


We have one of those weather stations as well, and smaller indoor only ones for the kids’ rooms. We’re at 6% humidity outside now, hence the crazy fire warnings all over Southern California. Inside we’re at 21% for the main living area, We do run 2 humidifiers in the kids’ rooms. With their doors closed, we can get it to about 40-50% in about 45 minutes.


We had an Aprilaire whole house humidifier installed on our furnace several years ago and I think it helped. Ours has a thermometer attached outside to automatically adjust the indoor humidity so the windows don’t get condensation on them (and then mold). The downside is that it can still be fairly dry in the house - say 35%, because if it got more humid we’d get the condensation. If we didn’t have it, the humidity would get below 30% for sure. You can always forgo the thermometer if you want.

Make sure it gets installed to the hot water supply instead of the cold water supply. The first installer said it didn’t matter, but it does. Cold water doesn’t work as well. I had to get mine switched.

There is a water drain tube that leads out of the humidifier that does get moldy. I poor bleach down it every once in a while. If you get once check to see if there are any tubes that are able to resist mold growth.

Another thing to consider is if you want it to automatically turn on the furnace blower when the humidity is too low, or just to run the humidifier when the furnace turns on due to a heating call from the thermostat.