Who'll get the VP nod in the McCain campaign?

Who you think McCain will pick, not who you think is best (or worst) for the job.

Hillary Clinton.

I think Romney is both the most likely choice and the “best” choice from the perspective of helping McCain win.

Just like in the Obama poll, I’m clueless. Both candidates have been unforthcoming so far, and I don’t think there’s a clear leader.

If McCain has no hope of winning CA or NY, then he has to win the Southern states. He won’t be able to do that with Romney.

I think Jindal is the only moderately likely one on this list.

[Edit - upon further reflection, I can think of a couple of strikes against Jindal. I think he’s rather inexperienced, which would hurt McCain’s ability to play the inexperience card against Obama. I also wonder if such a selection might feel like pandering a bit - see, we Republicans can come up with a promising young dark-skinned man, too! I wish race/skin color didn’t play into politics, but sadly it does (for both parties).]

I suppose Romney is considered a possibility by many - I’m skeptical. I think McCain can still have Romney’s support anyways, with perhaps Romney getting a cabinet position if McCain wins.

I picked Jindal, that guy is going places. Romney if they want to lock up the bitter white vote though.

I think, based on very limited knowledge, Jindal as well. The Republican Party desperately needs a new face and his is a good one. Though I agree with Phil’s suggestion about Jindal’s shortcomings as well.

I went with JIndal although I have no idea who is likely to be chosen.

They picked Dan Quayle, didn’t they?

The word is that McCain really really doesn’t like Romney. I guess it’s possible he picks him anyway, but that’s IMO a bad choice.

That would be an awesome pick. I wonder if she would do it, McCain is old enough that he could possibly die or have to step down before serving a full term, that may be her best chance to be president.

Let’s see The Huckster or Holy Joe get on board the Straight Talk Express.

As expected, Ron Paul is leading by a huge margin!

I don’t think it helps him much. All of Hillary’s supporters are already planning to vote for McCain (or so tv tells me).


I just read up on Bobby Jindal and his positions scared the shit out of me and then I remembered that he is a regular Republican and I spend too much time on the Internet.

His phrasing for supporting Intelligent Design bugged me the most.

Let’s talk about intelligent design. I’m a biology major. That’s my degree. The reality is there are a lot of things that we don’t understand. There’s no theory in science that could explain how, contrary to the laws of entropy, you could create order out of chaos. There’s no scientific theory that explains how you can create organic life out of inorganic matter. I think we owe it to our children to teach them the best possible modern scientific facts and theories. Teach them what different theories are out there for the things that aren’t answerable by science, that aren’t answered by science. Let them decide for themselves. I don’t think we should be scared to do that. Personally, it certainly makes sense to me that when you look at creation, you would believe in a creator. Let’s not be afraid to teach our kids the very best science.
Look out world, this man double majored in biology and public policy :(



I believe that Romney will be the VP on the Republican ticket. If I recall the republican process correctly, McCain has very little say in who is the VP.

Why isn’t Dick Cheney on the list? Vice Presidents don’t have term limits to my knowledge.

I figure Charlie Crist, If McCain can win FLA he has a chance.

What is the GOP nominating process that McCain doesn’t get to pick his own man? (Cheney picked himself, but W. is a weakminded fool who allowed him to).

This is what led me to believe that, through the republican nomination process a presidential candidate may not actually choose their running mate…

From what I gather, and this may very well be wrong, the republicans have a nomination committee that will research and select potential running mates. This list is then presented to the presidential nominee. For the purpose of our conversation we’ll assume that Lum’s list is what the GOP comes up with this year. If McCain says, “No, I want to reach across the isle and run with Lieberman” the GOP elders can veto this decision. So, yeah, I guess the candidate has some choice, but there appears to be a form of checks and balances within the party.

On a side note about McCain not liking Romney - Didn’t George H.W. Bush not like Quayle? The same goes for Bill Clinton and Al Gore, although the parties presumably work differently.

The VP slot doesn’t seem to be about liking the person as much as it’s about securing more votes.

Note: My information on the Republican VP nomination process comes from listening to talk radio host Jay_Severin. He has been proven to lie about things and stretch the truth in true conservative talk show host manner.