Who's going to GenCon?

I’ll be there showing The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings: The War of the Ring, Lord of the Rings: The Treason of Isengard, and Middle-Earth Online to attending press and geeks, so if you plan on showing up, post here!

It’s in Indianapolis this year, right? When is it? I enjoy that show. It brings out the inner geek in me that is normally smothered by the outer geek in me.

A bunch of guys who help me feel less geeky than my 35% would indicate? :-)

Make sure you bring the deodoriser or gas mask. :wink:

Hey Adam,

I [We@GameRifts] make it a habit to go every year. Would like to get in touch with ya for more info on MEO.


It’s early this year, July 24-27. It is in Indianapolis this year, which I am led to believe is good because a) the convention center is bigger, and b) there are more hotels nearby than in Milwaukee. Not to dis Milwaukee, but this is what I’m told.

This is the web-page for the Indy GenCon, and it looks like pre-reg and event registration last until June 27th, so there’s still time. There’s lots of other information linked from that page.

I’ll be there, not that anyone should particularly care since I lurk and don’t post, and I’m just going as a gamer with no game to promote or anything. I’m supposed to be hanging out with some college friends while there, so if you see anyone in one of these t-shirts, that refers to me. Not that I think any of them will actually wear them, but I’m pretty sure one of them did either last year or two years ago at GenCon. The Ash Grey T-shirt has a much more flattering picture of me on the back than the white.

My brother-in-law lived in Indy up until recently, and he’s promised to hook me up with places to eat and bars to hang out at, so I’ll post some of that information once I get it from him.

I’d love to go for the 18xx tournament. But it’s a bit far for me.

What are you going to play?

I’ll be there. . . just for personal fun, not for business.

I’ll come by and look you up, Adam.

When they moved from Milwaukee to Indianapolis they forgot to think about throwing it in … CHICAGO! WTH?!? Whats the reason not to throw it in Chicago? They can have it at the Rosemont if Mccormick Place or Navy Pier is too downtownish… bah. I havent gone in almost ten years anyway…


I’d hazard a guess that it’s unions. Chicago and NY can be very expensive to throw shows in because of the entrenched union structures. You got the guy being paid to put the carpet under your booth… The guy dropping the extension cords for ya… And honest to god, the light bulb guy. Don’t even think about changing it yourself.

All this adds up to a lot more than the small companies who exhibit at Gencon can afford to pay.

I live in the Chicago area. TO do it downtown proper would be too expensive. The only other place to get away from the taxes would be in Rosemont.

The Rosemont Convention Center would be to small.


Also, housing. I think they’re trying to be at least a little solicitous of college gamers and others attending on the cheap, and downtown Chicago hotels are not what I think of when I think of cheap. Indianapolis is much more likely to reasonable, and there are seven hotels attached to the convention center by walkways. Seven! Who the hell attaches seven hotels to their convention center?

Plus, and this may be helpful for other people attending on the cheap, they could be trying to duplicate a college dorm situation they had in Milwaukee. I don’t know if it was the college or summer students who lent the rooms out, but I had a friend who stayed in a dorm room relatively close to the convention center in Milwaukee. Yeah, it meant using a communal bathroom, but he paid very little. There’s a joint Indiana University/Purdue campus sort-of close to downtown and the convention center, and that might be able to serve the same purpose. I don’t know how someone would find out about the availability of rooms or book them, but there might be something set up like that.

I’d also like to point out that the Indianapolis convention center is actually near downtown and a big mall, meaning that non-convention food is nearby. As opposed to other convention centers that try to trap you on-premises so you have to buy their food.

Crap, what am I, the Chamber of Commerce trying to sell you guys on locating conventions in Indianopolis? Can the person who works for a firm that runs a convention please post so I can drop the gamer facade revealing the soulless shill I really am? Cause you’d have to be soulless to try to talk someone into relocating to Indiana. Except GenCon. That will turn out all right.

Hear, hear. Except Bloomington; this town’s a’right. And Indy is actually kind of nice. But beware the Hoosiers! Yes, they actually self-apply that moniker. On the evening news you’ll hear: “Coming up next, a plane crash in Germany; we’ll tell you if any Hoosiers were killed.” Jesus.

You can’t fool me. I was in Bloomington for IU’s graduation this year. Soulless in Indy, soulless in Bloomington, soulless in the whole damn state! The soulless shill that drew you to Bloomington is receiving his reward as your soul is being sucked from you. You no longer even recognize the horror of your surroundings! Leave, before it’s too late!

But GenCon for a few days is a safe enough period to spend in Indiana. Honest.

joiiinnn usss…itsss bliiiiiiiiiiisssss…

Heh. I grew up in Indy and live in scenic Danville (pop. 7000 and about the only rolling hills in this land o’ flatness).

I guess everybody needs somewhere else to look down on. Around here, it’s Kentucky. But I’ve been to Kentucky, and parts of it are beautiful, so go figure…

As far as us Hoosiers go, you’ll find us generally friendly and uninformed. A few too many rednecks, but I’ve yet to find a place on Earth that lacks rednecks. There is a bitter, sarcastic, intelligent minority that has a mix of love and hate for the home state, represented well by figures like Vonnegut and Letterman.

The downtown is hospitable. As they say, you’ll have plenty of places within walking distance to eat and hang at. Not exactly mean streets, either. I can give recommendations if you’re looking for something in particular.

If you have a car, the Broad Ripple neighborhood is worth a drive. It’s not Chicago nightlife, but on a nice summer’s eve, it’s a pretty good approximation.

And if you want to pretend you’re a wealthy Republican, get the shrimp cocktail, scotch on the rocks, and a cigar at St. Elmo’s, the pub for manly men. You’ll be thinking about corporate takeovers in no time…

I would vote for this as state motto over “Crossroads of America”, which sounds to me like “Indiana: We’re On Your Way Somewhere Else, Please Stop and Spend Money!”

I would vote for this as state motto over “Crossroads of America”, which sounds to me like “Indiana: We’re On Your Way Somewhere Else, Please Stop and Spend Money!”[/quote]

No, I’ve travelled too much. That’s the motto of every state. Except for Iowa and North Dakota, where… I don’t think there’s any place to stop.