Who's more zealous about his idealogy?

Jason or b?

The grudge match is on!

Jason’s just zealous about arguing. If everyone started to agree with him, he’d switch his viewpoint.

And bmulligan is merely zealous about Cleve’s ideology. So he doesn’t count either.

Moot poll.

I disagree!

Typical, obtuse liberal. No reasoning or facts. Just one line sinpes.

Jason has actually suprised me. He took the side of the Alabama Superintendent instead of the teacher’s unions. That doesn’t seem like the appropriate liberal response.

I was also suprised to see bmulligan make a derogatory comment about Bush. Certainly wasn’t what I expected.

Naaaah- noone likes the teacher’s unions.

Jason actually uses reasoning to form his opnions - if he’s confronted with facts that obviously contradict him he’s able to change his view point or compromise in the discussion. It doesn’t happen often because nobody on this board does more research about what they’re talking about then Señor McCullough.

Bmulligan just has ideoligies - when disproven by facts he rebukes the facts as unimportant or false. He’s also a troll. And a shitty one at that.

Well, Jason and I are almost always in agreement, so no complaints about him from me. Brad Grenz might have a few things to say about that though. :)

Yeah, but when He’s off on crazy arguments he has stuff to back him up instead of “Well who do you believe, the President or the Iraqi dictator?”

This has to be the funniest post I have read since Cleve left. Spoken like a man without an ideology, or any idea of what one is. Go back under your own bridge, guido – stay out from under mine!

Some compelling evidence that you actually are as stupid as you sound.

If you actually READ anything he wrote, you’d see that was patently false, but go back to mouthbreathing, it is easier that way.