Who's the best pre-orderer?

I’ve never pre ordered a game, I’ve never really needed to, I guess. I just go into the store a week or so after the release and buy, or order online and let it take its sweet time.

But I’m thinking about preordering Oblivion (CE) for 360, because I heard mention that nowadays the only way to get a game on day 1 is to preorder.

Is this true?

If so, who’s the fastest/most reliable for pre-ordering?

Preorders are for suckers.

You preorder at one place, and then two other places get the game in first.

For Oblivion it’s hard to say. I expect that all the major retailers will have it day one, but it is supposed to be a big title. The only brick and mortar places that really guarantee a pre-order are EB and GameStop. Best Buy doesn’t really guarantee a copy - I’ve heard of a lot of horror stories about them. You could also go online, but then you are paying for shipping if you want it the first day.

So, I’d say either risk just walking in to a store because it should be everywhere on day one or reserve at GS/EB.

EDIT: A lot of people seem to having problems getting the new Ghost Recon 360 game today, even though it’s supposed to be a major title. So, pre-ordering might be worth it on Oblivion if you must have it day one.

I preordered the WoW expansion because I had an Amazon credit and couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to buy.

This is only the case because EB and Gamestop often refuse to sell big titles to people that didn’t preorder. It’s completely manufactured. If those stores shut you out on release day, you can usually cross the street to Best Buy and find a hundred copies just waiting for you.

Just walked into an EB here in Portland and picked up Ghost Recon for the 360 – and they had still had copies available for walk-ups. (The guy in line before me bought the game and had not preordered either). Color me unconvinced on the need for pre-ordering, FWIW.

It all depends on the store. Sometimes a lot of people will reserve a game on the last day. I managed a GameStop for five years and there were a number of times where we only got a few extra copies for the first day, if any at all. It could be a manufactured shortage at the corporate level, but not at the store level.

Like I said, it’s hard to say with a title like Oblivion. Other retailers may get quite a few, but if the demand is high and you don’t get there until later, you might go home empty-handed. Some places might have it cheaper. Best Buy might cut a last minute deal (they’ve done this before) and have lots of copies on day one while everyone else only get’s a few.

I preordered from Amazon. I don’t as much care about getting it on Day 1, as I won’t really be able to tear into it until the weekend anyway. With that requirement out of the way, no tax + free shipping makes the decision easy.

I’ve heard, though I’ve not yet experienced it myself, that Amazon is pretty good about shipping out pre-ordered stuff quickly.

Brian Koontz, by far.

I preordered Oblivion from GoGamer because they’re one of the best, and I’ve never had a problem with the (admiteddly few) pre-orders I’ve gone through with them. :)

Depends on the game. For some jRPGs, they don’t make any more after the first run. Atlas seems to make a total of 10 copies whenever they publish a game. For the big stuff, which is anything more than non-popular niche titles, you can buy one at best buy.

I’ll wait and buy Oblivion after it’s out. Preorders are dumb.

For titles that I have to have asap or I’ll wet myself, I use EB. Everytime I’ve pre-ordered with them the box has been at my house (in Toronto, Canada) on the day of release.

Depends where you live, obviously.

I’ve preordered with EBGames, Gamestop, Gogamer, and Amazon. EBGames gets the freaking package to your doorstep on the day of release. The others take longer. Sometimes as much as, I-ran-to-store-to-buy-two-copies longer.

(Preordered “special edition” of Civ4. Didn’t get special edition with whatever bonuses. It was also 8 days after release.)

I rarely go to stores nowadays cause online is so much more convenient - I find out about games coming out here on Q23, go to the website, click click. But it’s true, it’s pretty sad retail situation sometimes. Gamestops/etc are all console, they don’t carry much. Only physical place I’ve found that has lots of stock is CompUSA, but I’m not always in the area.

My hate for pre-orders is pretty well documented, in fact I just wrote an article about it on my site. However, I do want Oblivion on day one so I pre-ordered with EB. They seem to always do it right.