Who's the most famous cow in the world?

Of course, I think it’s my Harvest Moon cow. But his fame might be rivaled by whatever cow it was that burned down Chicago. That dude is probably the most powerful cow of all time.

Was Mr. Ed a cow? He was a brown cow, right?


How now


Oh no… I love it.

Edit: Yahoo answer: The most famous is the ‘cow with no name’

I would imagine that in continental Europe the most famous cow is probably the Milka Cow. She’s a big brand ambassador for Milka chocolate, and they’ve been using her for decades. Another contender would be the Laughing Cow that does cheeses.

Elsie. Or Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. Or that one on the Laughing Cow cheese maybe.

The snide answer, circa 1934: Eleanor Roosevelt.

Babe, the big blue cow.

Caroline, the cow played by Gypsy Rose Lee before she became a stripper…

The Borden’s cow, Elsie, is relatively famous. For a cow.


Rosie O’Donnell.

Bahahaha, nice.

Is this athlete-obsessed culture, everyone knows the cow that jumped over the moon.

Ermintrude from the Magic Roundabout. The only cow I can think of to have a starring role in an international film release. Possibly the only pink cow in existence.

[This post may not be entirely serious. It also may contain nuts.]

I had sex with a panda bear
he really didn’t seem to care
strutting in his underwear
and hidden within his two tone hair
a lace thong upon up his derriere

You win something unspecified if you can guess Rimbo’s answer. (Bonus points if you know the origin of the name!)

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I don’t know who the most famous cow is, but my favorite cow is Belle from Animal Crossing. She used to call me Twinkles. We wore matching shirts and I mailed her an armoire. Then I didn’t play for a week because MGS2 came out and she moved to another town. I learned a hard lesson that day, my friends.

Hands down has to be the cow from kung pow