Who's the most famous person you've never met?

Just seemed like a good companion thread.

I would suggest categorizing answers into “Already Dead” and “Not Dead Yet (I think)”.

I’d probably say:

Already Dead - Adolph Hitler
Not Dead Yet (I think) - Michael Jordan

Buddha, Mohamed, Jesus.
Alexander, Caesar Augustus, Genghis Khan.

Realistically. I would have loved to have met Vincent Price.

He lived about a mile from the house I grew up in. Heck, we even went to the same high school (in different eras).

Never met him, though.

Ooooh, I like this. This is a good addition. Who is the most famous person you would liked to have met. That’s cool.

I just found out my sister-in-law went to a fancy dinner in SF and met Laurie Anderson!

I never met her though. I mean, I met my sister-in-law. I never met Laurie Anderson.

I would say Nicolai Tesla, but you know what they say about meeting your heroes.

This goes doubly so for ones from over 100
Years ago, as there is probably more than a little racism that would get uncomfortable quick.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan


I guess the closest things to heroes I have these days are some sci-fi authors or filmmakers. Gene Wolfe, Kubrick maybe. Mel Brooks too.

Tom Chick.

The story is told that when Anderson brought her new boyfriend to meet her elderly parents for dinner at their house in Queens, her mom turned to him and said, “So, Lou. Laurie tells me you’re a musician too?”