Who's the richest forum reader?

Hooray for anonymous polls!

I had a discussion about salaries with a British guy here at work a while back. Apparently in the UK everyone doesn’t discuss how much they make in hushed tones, and it’s not considered rude to ask a complete stranger. So I’m curious.

dude. why did you stop at 100k?

Is this household income or personal income?


Should I include non-taxable income, like my budding crack salesman career?

that’s still taxable. that you’re not reporting it as taxable income is another issue entirely.

Location, location, location.

$100,000 in LA is not the same as $100,000 in Albuquerque.

I’m going to hazard a guess and say that Ray M. from Bioware would top the list. :)

that’s still taxable. that you’re not reporting it as taxable income is another issue entirely.[/quote]
The funny thing is that he’s not joking.

No income, no taxes, no worries.

Need higher brackets - Boston is also a high end town.

I seem to be bringing in a sweet $12k this year.
I’m rich, baby!
Or not.

Odd, I put in a Rich Motherfucker category but it didn’t take.

Personal income.

Hmm. I’m mostly supported by my wife at this point, so I guess that puts me in the bottom rung, though this in no way reflects our living situation which is comfortably middle class.


I’d feel a hell of a lot better about my answer if it were still the year 2000. Damn dot bomb.

By the way, I’d just like to say right now that I hate everyone who makes more money than I do.

That is all.

(In other words, I hate you all!)

If we don’t have a career yet, can we go by how much our parent(s) make? :D


Since I’m the proud parent of the three most wonderful kids in the world, I am the richest man on this board.

by far!


Damn Bull, I could have one some serious points with my fiancee had I thought of that first, though she probably would have asked me where the 3 kids came from.

Like the direction our society is headed, the income distribution here is hourglass shaped. :D

Quick! Tell her they are twinkles in her eye. Works like a charm everytime. :)