Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?


I would like to read paper books, but an eReader with a glow light is just way too convenient. It is in my bag on the bus commute with a large library. And if I read in bed, the light can be set very low so it doesn’t affect my wife’s sleep while I read, or vice versa. I still buy some occasional physical books, but overall we are part of the digital library crowd as well.

However, I still go to bookstores to just hang out and look at all the books on the shelves. Something catches my eye, I put it on my wishlist. If it is really impressive, or an art book or such than I will still buy the physical as well.


The primary reason I buy digital books is not just convenience but price. I don’t mean like 12 vs 8 dollars i mean 12.99 vs .99.


Or a recipe book. I have a weakness for nicely done recipe books.


scribble scribble…

Noted. I have some ideas already. When are we getting to know who to stalk get a gift for?


Every Secret Santa in about 2-3 days.


I love recipe books. The ones with tips and brand and nutritional information and techniques… don’t really care about stories though. I know that’s a thing these days but a little snippet about the ingredient or the origin of the recipe is fine but the rest, I could leave.


I was quite surprised to find that reading cook books was something that I loved, and even soothed me. Reading The Joy of Cooking cover-to-cover was such a pleasure. It made me understand why people like reading rules manuals for games and breaking them down.



Everybody keep talking. This makes the stalking so much easier.


Expect your match e-mail by the end of the day!


I want to address a few things from the “notes to organizer” section of the program.

  1. We have a few new folks playing this year, so I’d like to remind everyone about personal information. The address (and in some cases, full name) you have for your Santee is private, so please treat it with the care it deserves. It’s been a tough few years for the gaming community. Let’s all be super careful.

  2. If you have an international Santee, please endeavor to keep the value on the outside of the package low. Some countries make recipients pay import taxes. I’m not saying you should lie on the customs form… but, if there’s a value range, please use the low end of the range so your Santee doesn’t have to pay a lot to claim your gift.

  3. Please do not send anything live unless you check with your Santee (through me) first.


image https://media1.tenor.com/images/dbf75bd3147acfff667182cbb22faedf/tenor.gif?itemid=12171764



Is this considered live?





For the record, this is awesome, and, dear Santa, you are welcome to send me a bird.



You can send thousands of hibernating bugs that may or may not be pest and considered actual invasive species to your fellow gamers.


I love that the package goes up to 18,000 bugs, and has an “Other” field.


Here’s where you guys are!



Maybe that wasn’t very helpful. Here’s also where you guys are!



I would like 18,005 bugs please.