Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?



If you got someone you’ve already had, please let me know. We can wiggle stuff around.


Name received. Stalking commenced. QT3 Secret Santa mania is on!


Where are all the Canadians?


Here’s a few:

@fire, when can we send our presents to our Santees?


I got my assignment, thought “Aha! I know a clever idea that they would enjoy!”. Clicked on the wish list - boom, it’s on the top of the list. So now I need to scheme more so as to not seem boring.


Well, well, well. This promises to be very interesting. Interesting indeed.


I am sure I am not the only one who will go through the following this script right now:

Hm. What to buy? Intense round of forum searching. Haha! Now I have a great idea! However, what if my santee already has it? Intense round of googling. Mwahahaa, my stalking skills are excellent! Now we shall see! Damn, my santee hasn’t listed anything in their collection.



Damn, this isn’t helping my gift list!

“Smaug, sorry but you can’t wear the santa hat this year. I know, it sucks. Why are you looking at me like that? It’s not my fault!”


Is that last one moon rocks? I hope you’re my Santa. :)


Moon cakes.

(makes a note)


Moon Rocks > Moon Cakes


What about moon rock cakes?


Would eat, no questions asked, thnkz.


The problem with them is that they are a bit on the dry side.


Yes, but they’re light.



And for the best, as he would be shipping from Australia.


Only the ones you get on site. The ones for delivery feel much heavier.


Can’t you just have them (clears throat) drop-shipped from the moon?