Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?


I want Stacey Abrams as governor of Georgia and Andrew Gillum as governor of Florida, please.


Could I have a Partisan Politics-free Secret Santa thread for Christmas?


I’m just saying what I want.


We are going to have to require only things that can be wrapped, oh and she’s a live gift, already against the rules.


I apologize to my Santa that my wishlist is in shambles at the moment. I’ll work on getting some ideas on there for you!


Same here!


Ditto… D’oh


My Santee…

Yeah, he’s been taken care of…


Yep. Wishlist is terrible as well.


Is there a way for the Santees to give some hints to what they want w/o blowing the cover?

Didn’t get much of a hint on the prompt for mine…


Heh same here, no hints, I’ve been stalking a bit and have 2 ideas so far. Wish people would post their t-shirt size, should Santa send a t-shirt. Gonna assume, Silent Bob type dad body’s for everyone.


The hint I would give you: when you cannot figure out what to get someone, go for something you personally love and (important!): explain the reason you like it so much to your Santee. That way, regardless of the Santees personal feelings towards the gift, he/she knows you have done your best to give him/her something good, and that is what counts.

If I where your Santee, that would most definitely work for me. You could get me cheese (which I hate) and I would still appreciate it if you explained why you love it so much.


That was smooth, Greeny. Make it seem all magnanimous and broadminded, but still manage to tell us not to get you cheese ;-)


Yeah, i’m a L to XL. Used to be M, but my dad-bod belly aint fitting in those no more. Went from middleweight to light heavyweight when I stopped training MMA.

I like the thing about giving something you like yourself and explaining it. Still, some proper forum stalking yields many clues. I know I have all I need lol. Just haven’t found the right thing yet tho.


@ArmandoPenblade: do you have anything to say about how much you want dark meat?



I made teriyaki chicken with chicken thighs for that Blizzcon party I cooked for recently.

It was exactly as terrible as always. But other people liked it!


Hé, I’m Dutch. So I have to protect myself, or I would get buried in cheese (“he’s Dutch, he must love cheese…”) :-)


That is the first time I’ve ever heard that stereotype, hah!


Weirdest memoir title ever.



It takes a true barbarian not to dig teriyaki chicken.