Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?


Really? We Dutch are called ‘kaaskoppen’ (cheese heads) for a reason. I’m just not that Dutch, I guess…

Worst nightmare, in my case…


Imagine being Dutch and lactose intolerant. D:


eh, depends on the kind of cheese tbh. I think I could eat my way out of a grave of “gatenkaas” or camambert, but I’d puke my guts out on emerging. On the other hand gruyere, or “extra belegen”… brrr

Kaaskoppen is something dutch from the eastern and souther provinces (and the belgians) use for the people who live in north and south holland, the western part of the country. I don’t think cheeseheads is something the english for example use. (what do the germans call the dutch?)

you’d have Rocket ASSist in launching from your cheese grave :P


Wait. Dutch people are from Wisconsin?



You almost got it right. Just in the wrong order.



Yes they are.


I thought Wisconsin, was a Dutch colony once.


weren’t they norvegian, german and swedish?



Yes it was.


I’m a bit concerned about the cheese-centric phobias you guys have.


I think this anti-Cheese attitude is Unamerican, Ungodly and Unclean.




The last time my Santa gave me cheese, I dropped out of Secret Santa for a decade.


What kind of cheese was it?


I’m guessing it was caciocavallo.




You fell in my trap! ;)


Is that like “Government Cheese”?


Unfortunately. :(


The problem with QT3 stalking is I have some ideas but these things seem like something they might actually buy for themselves at one point. I guess that’s always a risk. My family has a rule about not buying something for themselves from Thanksgiving to Christmas… it’s mostly honored, at least the spirit is. heh.


Umm, no it wasn’t? French my friends, French. @schurem there is heavy German influence, as evidenced by names like Rheinlander and New Holstein. But French influence shows too, Eau Claire and Fon du Lac. Lots of German immigrants in the 1800s wound up in Wisconsin.

The Norwegian and Swedish influences are mostly in the western part of the state, and really more of a Minnesota thing. But none of the above ever truly had colonial influence in Wosconsin.

They do love their beer and cheese though. More so than the Dutch even, and the Dutch certainly love their cheese.