Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?


I have that rule as well! But it starts at the beginning of November as we have two birthdays that fall around Thanksgiving.




No it wasn’t.


That is a rule I should follow. Bday Nov 14 then Xmas the next month… Hmm


So today’s posts have pretty much confirmed that @mjgreeny75 , loves cheese and is probably guaranteed a cheese related gift from Santa.




Aliens brought the Dutch to Wisconsin first.

And don’t hand me your conventional histories. They’ve been whitewashed.


In which case my wife and at least one daughter will be delighted, so fine by me! ;-)


No idea who started the town, but it was a major centre for Dutch immigration for a long time.


Pooh on the Frogs and the Wooden Shoes.

The IRISH built freaking Wisconsin.


Certainly! There is, by me, a South Holland, Illinois, a Holland Michigan, an Oostburg, Wisconsin.

My wifes family can trace back 3 generations on her fathers side, and 4 on her mothers, to Dutch immigrants into the Midwest! So while they never had any control during the colonial era, they certainly have had influence in places, but they tend to be geographically dense pockets.

I didn’t realize the south shore neighborhood of Chicago was now in Wisconsin.


As with everywhere in America, sectarianism against the Irish was rife and one of the great attractions of Milwaukee was that many of their new German neighbors were Catholic, too.

Nevertheless, it took several generations before the two would seamlessly blend together and most Irish lived strictly amongst their fellow countrymen and women.

Most settled in Downtown Milwaukee and the area soon garnered something of a reputation as an Irish “ghetto”.

While we tend to associate Germans with Milwaukee, the Irish were the city’s first major immigrant group. Historian John Gurda describes the Celtic imprint on Milwaukee.

Nearly 4.5 million Irish settled in the United States between 1830 and 1920, second only to the Germans. Most came to Wisconsin between 1840 and 1860. They were the largest English-speaking group to settle in the state.

My peeps did Waukeshau.


Well mine did all of it because they weren’t picky. Irish, German, British, French, Dutch? Throw it all in a blender.

Also I’m always willing to throw another reason for a party. St Particks Day, Oktoberfest, Pulaski day, Sinterklaas? I’m game for anything that involves special food or drink. But it’s not my fault that German beer became synonymous with Wisconsin ;)


Aaaaargh! the Christmas gifts have already arrived in a pre-dawn raid:


You have to post photos!!!


Lol, I will do a full unboxing ceremony on Sunday with the whole group.



Wait, someone already bought , shipped and now has received gifts?



Possibly. Confirming…


I take it everyone received their secret santee information?


I think everyone did, yes. Allhough you asking this makes me wonder if that is true…