Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?


Yes! If you have not received your Secret Santa information, please send me a message or e-mail me ( fire.qt3 at gmail ).


OK will do


PM sent. Let me know if there’s weirdness going on.


Dear @ddtibbs - heads up that I have 2 Santa questions out for you in e-mail. If you haven’t received the questions, please let me know and I’ll PM you instead.


30 days or LESS to send out your gifts!

Send gift to Secret Santee (International by Saturday, December 8, 2018; Domestic by Saturday, December 15, 2018)

Or as I see it, 29 more days to try and find gifts. D:


Fire fixed me. Thank you, Fire!


Awfully disappointed to see @Lantz isn’t taking part as I found the part Santa gift for him!



Well I picked up my giftees gift this week. I am pretty hopeful about it but the shopper in me says to wait for Black Friday, I might… just might find something better. I doubt it but you never know!


Yeah I picked up half the gifts I plan on sending, hope to get the rest this weekend. And then get it all sent out the first week of December.

I am having difficulty finding a quality yard-o-beef to send. ;)


This thread delivers. As always!


I’ve had a stroke of inspiration that I hope works out well. Now there’s nothing that can stop this from happening! Except for [redacted], unfortunate delays, and the Canada Postal Service strike.


@Jorn_Weines, I think I’m the only Canadian in the exchange. Don’t worry about the delays with the mail strike. It’s totally understandable. :)


Oh, I meant so I manage to send my gift before I go back to Norway (from Canada) in mid-december.


My gift has arrived. I will be wrapping the envelop and sticking it under my tree as soon as I get it up, post turkey day.


My Santee’s last gift arrives on Wednesday…



Gifts purchased, now we wait on shipping prior to getting them on the way.


If anyone is still looking for gift ideas, I imagine most of us would love this.



I wear a 2x


Saw this on Twitter today…


I just saw that too, and I immediately thought of you.


“Patrick don’t surf.”