Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?


Patrick doesn’t. Patrick would break his neck and die.


If your secret Santa does not see that, they should.


While I love the concept, I struggle to get my legions of nieces and nephews thoughtful gifts so fear I would end up not living up to the high standards of the tradition.


I took ages considering what to give, but finally fired off a gift. I hope its the right stuff ;-)


I have finally gotten my Amazon wishlist updated, for any concerned parties.

Note: While I put physical games for Switch and PS4 on my list- I’d prefer digital codes if it’s possible. Thanks! Physical is OK too, of course. :)


Sacrelige! The guy who owns a board game store prefers digital?!

What is the world coming to ;)


Package going out later today!


Someone should buy someone this:


Those are incredibly cool!


I sent my package today. Sometimes… I feel like handing the USPS a box is kind of like gambling with somewhat better odds it will actually make it.


I got an Amazon delivery today, and I didn’t have anything scheduled out for delivery.


Could it be my Secret Santa gift this early?


Man I need to pull my thumb out.


I have just received a lovely Secret Santa-gift that, when left wrapped until Christmas, would most likely be dead (yes, really). So I think I will just go ahead and unwrap it now, but I’ll delay posting the photographs until opening week!


Anyone know if gifts shipped from Amazon contain wrapped presents? I sorta want to open my mystery delivery, as I can tell there is more than 1 thing inside.

Also I’ll be shipping my stuff out early next week, not sure what day yet.


You can pay for that service, but I’m not sure if the boxes indicate it or not


Ah ok, I’ve never received or sent a gift via amazon before, its a learning experience. I’ll just wait to the official unboxing day.


Amazon offers the option, usually 3.99 ish. There is a check box. You can leave a card/message as well.


Amazon doesn’t offer that option on all items, even ones they sell. So if it’s not an option it will usually have a little spiel that says gift wrapping or even messaging isn’t an option.

If they didn’t pay for the wrapping or it wasn’t an option there’s usually a message. I’d say just wrap the whole thing and stick it under your tree :-)

Unless it’s alive…


Lets just say that inartistic fumble-fingered me usually makes sure that is an option before sending. ;)


My sister does not live in the state with the rest of the family. Not only does she not want to pay for wrapping, she sends all of the presents to everyone here to my house to wrap and deliver. When we started this 13 years ago, I reminded her that I view wrapping as a singular purpose. if they can’t see what it is. I’ve done my job. Any requirements for more than that requires her to pay for wrapping.