Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?


Perhaps I will drill a few small holes in the Amazon box, just incase. :)


Concur, see, that is why I do it. The giver has a responsibility to hide the gift. So if I am giving at a distance , and I can’t wrap, then its on me.


Also works if it is a monitor.


OMG guys, a Christmas Miracle has occurred early.


That’s pretty cool, not even done yet, and finding it too good.


It gets worse as you get farther in, so its just about perfect overall. :)


Would not have worked for my present…

Which proves beyond all doubt that I did not get a monitor… :-)


Seems as good as any place to put this, Christmas spirit and all here.


Gifts sort of ordered. Kind of sent. Two gifts maybe on the way. Third gift has to come here then will be sent. Yeah I know. What the hell am I talking about.

You will see. Maybe. I honestly do not know…

Edit: Do not drink and buy. :)


Some people say, I mean I don’t know, but some people are saying it. But if you did send a gift it would be the greatest gift ever. Bigly gift.


Dear @Jorn_Weines: Your Secret Santa would like you to know that your gift is on its way. You may have to pick up the package at the post office, or it may come to your door… it’s a mystery!


Dear @ddtibbs: Your Secret Santa would like you to know that your gift is on its way. The return address says “qt3 secret santa” and the contents ARE NOT WRAPPED so don’t go opening things just because they’ve arrived!



I do not understand the internet hatred for minions. I love the suckers.


Dear @Navaronegun: Your Secret Santa would like you to know that your Amazon package (which should arrive soon) is one part of a two-part gift, so please wait patiently for the other part (which should arrive later).


Dear @schurem: Your Secret Santa has questions for you, which have been dispatched by e-mail.



Three mysterious packages from quite different origins have arrived. My wife knows nothing about them. I know nothing about them. The dogs look innocent. I have a hypothesis though, it could be Secret Santa giftage!

I am heading to Antarctica on Thursday, and I won’t be back until 31 December. I will, therefore, open these mysterious parcels before I leave, ensure incriminating evidence is photographed, and then post them in the opening week. At least, I will try. The only internet in Antarctica is satellite, and even that’s pushing it.


Whoa that’s a cold, yet very bright December you’re going to have mate! Stay safe and warm out there!


A package has shipped. Or was shipped, a few days ago. Or will be shipped, within a few days. Who knows? :-)