Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?


Dear @DennyA - your Santa wishes for you to know that an edible, perishable package is on its way. Please confirm receipt and open said package immediately. This is the first installment of Secret Santa.


Dear @RichVR - Your Santa would like you to know that the package (which you should have received) contains wrapped items. Please open the package. You will know it’s Secret Santa because Santa’s handle is on the return address.


Forgot to report that a wrapped gift from Amazon arrived a few days ago - will sit unopened until the appropriate time!


Arrived! Thanks.


Wait what, is it customary for the Santa to expose his/her/its true identity to the santee?


Forum handle in this case.


Which is truer than secret Santa…


It’s probably a little easier to keep secrets when you ship directly from a storefront or the manufacturer. If you ship it yourself, which is an option, there is the issue with a return address and actually making sure it can be returned.


It’s up to Santa how Secret s/he wants to be. In previous years, a Santee’s roommate was his Santa and he never fessed up! Process of elimination exposed his true identity.


How do you keep your own Secret Santa secret? Is there a triple blind process involving kids, birds, and possibly some sort of Mars robotic roving device?


I always find it very nerve wracking after I have picked out a gift and sent it off. There is no going back now and I can only hope my Santee isn’t disappointed.

I’m 1 for 2 being a Santa, I hope I can make it 2 for 3.


I believe a large crocodile is involved…


What date is it cool to:

Open Presents that have been received?

Take Photos?

Get all happy-dancy?




Dear @Jorn_Weines: Your Santa would like you to know that you should open your gifts as soon as you see fit, because there may be some Black Friday purchases that you will need to return. Dang you and your good sense to shop on Black Friday.


Oooh, I am intrigued! I shall dive in and yay, early Christmas! ;-)


I’m abroad until December 15th, but I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible.




I closed the bubble mailer back up and am pretending I didn’t see what was inside.

This happens when you recieve 7 packages from Amazon at the same time.






Haha, Alexa is super helpful these days too. She doesn’t tell you what’s inside to keep the surprise a surprise. You know what else she didn’t tell me, that the delivery she was notifying me about was not actually delivered to me but from me. Sometimes I just wonder what the thought process is behind some of this.