Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?


I opened everything that arrived the moment that it arrived. It did not even occur to me that there was another course of action. :D


That’s my SOP. I would have done he same unless warned by my Santa! :)




Lol. For what it’s worth I often THINK I know what a package is and sit it to the side waiting for my other packages. A week later, I open said package wondering what’s going on and find multiple items in that one box, everything I was expecting. Even though amazon is great telling you what’s shipped, it’s that, “ship with less packages,” thing that messes with me.


I thought the sending was supposed to be done after turkeyday so I sent quite early…


Same here.


You had to get it there by the 15th. You’ll be thankful you missed the oh my god is today the last day to send it crowd though.


BTW thank you for the gift. I was going to open the box but the wife said, “Why? You can still open the whole thing when the time comes. Why open it now?” And I couldn’t figure out an answer. :) So it stays completely sealed until the day.


For some people, a shipping box is not very festive under a tree, so a wrapped package fits the bill better. Sometimes I just wrap the shipping box myself, and it’s 100% about visuals.


All these new folks not reading the rules - I bet they also skipped the part about a minimum $200 gift if it’s your first time giving!



Dear @rowe33 : Your Santa would like you to know that there is a second package on the way. The contents are wrapped, but they were wrapped by an otter, so don’t open the box yet.


Dear @marquac: Your Secret Santa would like you to know that your payload has been launched, and should arrive to you in sufficient time. Look for an Amazon box. Nothing is wrapped, so you may need someone else to take a look through the contents for you to make sure it’s really from Secret Santa.


Dear @ineffablebob: Your Santee would like you to know that everything has been received and duly photographed. Thank you!


Dear @Jorn_Weines: Your Santa sent me a bunch of things in a foreign language which I think may be relevant to your interests. I have forwarded them on to you.


Thank you @fire. And, thank you Secret Santa. I shall hold off on opening any packages from Amazon that I may receive in the near future.


But I don’t know how to read foreign! I recently read a book called Foreigner, though. Maybe that’s a transferable skill.


Dear @Juan_Raigada: Your Secret Santa wishes you to know that your package is delayed, but is on its way! You haven’t been forgotten. <3


Just listen to this and you’ll speak it just fine.


Dear @SadleyBradley: Your Santa would like me to tell you that your gift has been shipped, but it’s shipped from a company that doesn’t do gift wrapping. You may identify the gift but don’t open it, because thar be spoilars.