Who's your Secret Santa in the 12th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange?

Pretty much…

Just like Christmas.

:D Chris’s pointing out my handwriting looked like Cameron Crowe’s was the icing on the cake.

Make sure you do it right, if you are gonna send summer sausage!

Oh man, I used to remember my grandfather would always get a Hillshire Farm gift box from somebody every year. He would open it right afterwards and we would fill ourselves on the sausage and cheddar before lunch every time. It was so not good but memories!

I recall the one time my brother receive one of them Hillshire gift boxes, but he didn’t notice the beef’s protective wrap hadn’t been sealed correctly on one end. As we were sharing a few slices and worked our way down to that end , the meat started to taste funny. Further investigation revealed the summer sausage was gray/greenish in color and had gone bad.

The true gift wasn’t what was in the box, but the food poisoning we both received. :)

Anyway I am considering tossing my hat into this years Secret Santa, but some of you send crazy lavish gifts, and I’d prefer it if there was a spending limit, so I will think it over more. In the process of getting a new phone and new video card, and I have only 2 kidneys to sell. :D

In again!!

This is so fun every year…

IMHO it’s truly the thought that counts so I encourage you not to feel like you have to spend a ton of cash. I’m certainly not going to send laptops or the like to my secret santee!

Awesome, this sounds like fun. I’m in.

I hope I get you, Rothda.

Ha, I was thinking the same thing. :D

Wow, you found video of my waifu! <3 <3

This year’s Hallmark Star Trek Ornament:

Imagine getting that from your secret santa! ;)


We’ve got 20 people signed up! And there’s still a whole month before sign-ups close. Yay! I’m already excited… are you?


Yeah sign me up. About time I joined the fun.