Why all the hate?

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just noticing it more, but there’s been a loooooooooooooot more bitchiness, name-calling, pointing-of-fingers and so on lately than I’ve noticed in months or years past. It kinda saddens me, honestly, but it also makes me curious.

I’m probably asking for a whooping here, but why are y’all seemingly so angry lately?

I blame Adam Baldwin.

Don’t bring Adam Baldwin into this, it’s too easy.

I blame the recession!!!

It’s sort of cyclical. The site seems to go through bouts of it every once and a while.

Hmmmm, I find my attendance on this forum is also cyclical. Maybe I’m just here during a particularly negative spell. Shame, really.

For the past two years it has been that way and getting worse. I guess familiarity breeds contempt.

Do yourself a favour and take a trip through the archives. If anything, this place has gotten nicer over the years.

btw, Proof that QT3 is not full of hate.

So wait…it’s getting worse or it’s getting nicer?

I’ve been a member for just over two years. And I hate everyone who has posted so far in this thread! Hmmm!

(Except for forgeforsaken and madkevin. They’re okay.)

Just kiddin’! ~_^

I do regularly and no, it hasn’t.

Well, let’s just see how this thread ends up.

If people just avoid calling out Dave Long I think I’ll be happy.

What kind of pansy ass-goblin starts threads like this? Why do you hate America/QT3/puppies?

^^^ That’s exactly what I’m talking about…

Yeah, but you’re Rob Merritt, Opposite Man, so actually it has.

Seriously, go back and look at the posts from Met_K, or Dr. Crypt, or any of the endless parade of insanity that was Koontz, or one of Bill’s classic rants, or Cleve’s race-baiting, etc. etc.

I’m not entirely sure that mean is the right word, because I honestly never felt that Qt3 ever piled on anybody who didn’t sincerely deserve it. But this place felt sharper five or seven years ago.

I hate this thread.

The carebears fought a slow war of attrition and ended up prevailing.

It was always like this, even back in the blue board days. I might even get motivated to dig up some examples, but probably not. It was more close-knit then because there were a lot fewer active posters, but there was conflict. Heck, most original posters were veterans of Usenet, where the book was written on sniping jackassery. I like to think that we escaped Usenet, but we didn’t build the Shangi-La you’re talking about.

Maybe you’re confusing Q23 with Gone Gold, where everybody hugged each other on a daily basis.