Why all the hate?

Once again, Alan, your greatest contribution to Qt3 is made readily apparently. Nice work. ;)

Jobe, what a dick smoker.

This thread has made me laugh many times, but I think what people are seeing isn’t rising hostility, but a few different factors so I will suck all the fun out of this thread.

  1. Life is probably more difficult now than at any other time for an increasing % of posters. Job loss keeps hitting people in all facets of gaming and journalism.

  2. Semantics. 30 pages of arguing over whether grey is closer to black or white and the dissertations thereof. The tiniest of aberrations generate the most angst and people are more willing to argue for the sake of arguing.

  3. How do you make up for genuine crazy? Some posters we’ve lost have been replaced with normal people. CLEVE BLAKEMORE.

The forum is just fine, it’s just more noticeable right now when someone’s a big jerk.

Jobe started the SHIT, BONERZ! meme (67%).

Yeah, in the context of whining about why people didn’t take Qt3 polls more seriously.

He was the classic undergrad who’s read one book and now is entitled to lecture the rest of the world about its inadequacies. IIRC he left here when he’d been demanding that Qt3 become less hateful (deja vu)…and then McCullough’s cat died, and people were posting gentle condolences, and Jobe stormed in screaming about “HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE” and how everyone was a hypocrite.

However, it was usually funny to watch him leap into threads to defend his girlfriend and then deny that’s what he was doing.

Holy crap. If I didn’t like trees, I’d print a lot of this stuff out for late night bed-time reading.

God, I’d forgotten how entertaining Koontz was in his prime. His holistic analysis was a fucking triumph of awesomeness.


Please not to be disparaging the genius of SHIT, BONERZ!, sir or ma’am.

(1, NQ) [Pol, Fre, Agen]

Is this one of those thing that will still be funny after you explain it, or will quantifying it kill the humor?

You obviously didn’t check out jpinard’s link.

I read it, I just scraped out of statistics with a C and needed my memory refreshed.

Come on, Brian explains it clearly in his first post:

Right… That thread proved that there really are some crazy characters around here!

Not anymore, sadly.

Yeah, but my eyes kinda glazed over at that part.

That’s LADY MANY JARS to you!

JMJ is the crazy eccentric uncle who claimed that “After this reunion i’m never coming back again!” But was back at the next reunion to put to bed some weird rumors about him, and then decided to stick around yelling about the aliens taking over the mind’s of the stupid and how the government is monitoring his actions through satellites that bounce off the metal in the plate in his head (Which is why he’s wearing the tinfoil, duh).

Which is to say he’s awesome, but still crazy.

Stick with me, kid — I’ll make a man of you yet!

I really really miss Koontz’s analysis threads. They were an interesting insight into the board, and he put a lot of work into them. In fact, I pretty much miss Koontz altogether.

Oh, and one other thing. I think we NOTICE the hateful/angry posts more. They stand out. This is why the other thread (from 04) cites all sorts of rude/mean posts. Were they more then than there are now? Probably not. But you always notice them. This is why kids today are always worse than they were in your day. You remember the good times of the past, but you notice the bad times of the present. It’s the same with a forum. Most of the people here are quite helpful and friendly. But in most threads someone will be reactionary or rude or whatever. Even if 90% of the posts in that thread were quite helfpul, the one that angers us will be more memorable. I don’t think there are more of them, and I disagree with those who think that everyone on a forum cares more about being noticed than being helpful.