Why am I loser without my wife?

Ok, the wife’s out of town for the weekend. I have the house to myself, which should be a lot of fun. However, instead of getting things done or having a good time, I find myself moping around basically trying to kill time until she gets back. I have work to do, but I can’t focus on it. When she is here, and I am doing work, we are often in separate rooms anyway. But for some reason just knowing she isn’t in the house and isn’t coming home today has made me into a loser. Or is this a sign that I am ALREADY a loser?

I’m the same way with my girlfriend. It’s… weird.

I went through the same phase with my wife. Having a kid ends it fast, as big chunks of freetime are such a rarity that they are always delights.

I get this feeling a lot too. I think it’s cuz I worry she’s getting dicked behind my back.

Complete opposite for me. I generally just drink a lot of beer and have a good time. Oh, and lots of games, turned up really loud. Oh yeah!


Wife left for the weekend and took the five year old… but left me with the 14 month old, and I’ve tried, but she’s just not into full day WoW-binges, so we went to the petstore instead.

But I do have the evenings, and there’s so much fun stuff to do I end up indecisive and zap between 3-4 movies I’ve allready seen, while playing Advance Wars on the DS.

… and that’s not even going too well, because the kitten wants to catch the stylus and tries to jump at it from my forehead.

Maybe you’re just a loser in general and your wife brings you up to civilzed levels of behavior and interaction.

I don’t think Jesus would dick his wife behind his back… not so much because Jesus is the Righteous Son of God, but because Jesus likes an audience… Jesus would dick his wife right in front of him.

Very possible, but I noted it in my OP.

I get this way about any current boyfriend. Whoever he is, he invariably tells me it’s because I’m clingy. Which I guess is true.

When I lived at home, my mom would get this way about me. She would say, “all the furniture must be in its place.”

Could be worse. You could have had one of thoese co-dependent relationshipos where your wife tells you you’re not allowed to play WoW when she’s at home, or other such retarded nonsense.

So is Velcro, and nobody complains about that.

Fuck the furniture. Bring paper towels.

How long have your wife and yourself been together? I don’t think that loser is the word that you’re looking for here. Maybe lost is more like it. As in “I feel lost without her”. I experience that when my girlfiend of 11 years is away visiting family. When you have spent a lot of time with someone, I think it’s natural to feel a bit lost. But that doesn’t make you a loser. Actually it means that you are human. Not a bad thing, IMHO.

Is this a clinical symptom of co-dependency?

Totally. Lying on the back deck eating grilled chicken, listening to The Black Light by Calexico and drinking beer, wine, and some scotch. It was a beatiful clear night and I even saw a shooting star. Then I went inside and watched some Band of Brothers and shot some jerrys in CoD2. VERY LOUDLY. One of my more relaxing nights in the past month.

If it’ll make you feel better you can grill out tomorrow and I’ll come over and hang out and keep you company. If you grill out. And have beer.

Are you recycling your thread topics, Sharp?

You have NO idea how close to home this hit!