Why are 10-keyless keyboards all the rage now?

I have the non split version of the Kinesis Advantage (two in fact). They are undeniably expensive but really good investments if you have RSIs.

Yeah, I was seriously considering that as the main alternative to the Moonlander, but remember seeing complaints about them being much less convenient to customize. Especially early on, I was tweaking my layout constantly and really appreciated how user-friendly Oryx is. Now that it’s a bit more stabilized I might well be fine with going through an annoying one-time setup process. Still interested in trying a keywell at some point.

My simple answer is that I game on my big comfy recliner, and a TKL leaves plenty of room to mouse on the lap board.

Yeah, after doing some research, I really would like the concave shape of the Glove80 with Oryx as the configurator. I liked what you wrote about using your keyboard for mouse buttons and was trying to see how easy that is with the Glove80. (I know it’s possible, but might need some custom ZMK coding, which I could do, but don’t really want to.)